Her naked feet by Spencer Auten

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her naked feet

caked black with dirt by days of traveling

stretched across the aisle

to rest on the empty seat next to me

the smelly black feet of a sleeping girl, snoring peacefully

and fucking it all up for me

this moment which would be otherwise perfect

if it weren’t for those cracked black and curled toes

in the back of this Goddamn bus

If I have one prayer, it is this:

please God, when I think back

on your blue mountains

carved from molten earth

your emerald rivers

the golden phosphorescence of the sky

stretched like a canvas

stained with pink and heavenly blue

let me forget

the smell of bile

this vicious hangover

this moment

tainted by the poor decisions of this miserable girl

who wanted nothing but to be loved

on her last night in Queenstown

but ended up with a plastic bag

filled with puke rocking to and fro

like the misplaced heart of some wayward human being

in a pool of regurgitated goon’s sickly pale green

on the floor of this bus

that is slowly winding its way back to a place

that in one way or another

resembles home for the both of us

By Spencer Auten

Image via Flickr 

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