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Have a squiz at the roles outlined below and send in applications via our email Tell us all about yourself (what you’re studying, year of study, why you’re a good candidate, relevant experience, possible ideas for the role) and any extras mentioned in the specific descriptions. You’re welcome to apply for more than one position, although you can only be successful in one role (excluding Editorial Committee, Photography and News Reporters – these can be joined in addition to other roles).

We are so excited to have you involved in Catalyst 2018 and promise to make the experience as fun and rewarding as possible! These are volunteer positions and require a degree of commitment, so please keep your study and work load in mind.

Music Editor + Film and Culture Editor (2 roles – previously Reviews Editor)   
Perfect for journalism/media students/music industry students. These roles have many opportunities to get involved with industry as well as experience in managing a team of contributors. When applying, tell us about your relationship with artists/films/media: what you love, are excited about, have just discovered, think students would be interested in or what deserves a spotlight.

Most pieces will be for online, however, you will be in regular communication with the Main Editors and will be able to recommend any particularly exciting/outstanding pieces to be included in the print edition.

What the role entails:

  • Liaising quickly & efficiently with people keen to do reviews and interviews (gigs/artists, books, films, albums, etc.)
  • Liaising with anyone who contacts us about potential reviews (i.e. a band sending us an EP for review, a theatre company offering to send us tickets to a show in exchange for a review, etc) and reaching out to publicists for other exciting opportunities
  • Ensuring that reviewers have clear, easy access to the content that they will be reviewing
  • Ensuring that reviews are as up to date as possible, where applicable. 

Design Team (consists of a Head Designer and 2-3 designers)

We’re looking for talented Communication Design or Graphic Design students that are passionate about magazines and would love the real-world opportunity to design for a publication. This role provides invaluable experience and a very impressive physical addition to your portfolio.

What the role entails:

  • Working alongside editors to establish a colour scheme for each issue
  • General design of magazine spreads – master document with the written content, artwork and allocated page numbers is provided by the editors and design is split in between the design team (you will be responsible for about one third)
  • Implementing the above mentioned master doc details, adhering to specific suggestions made by editors (placing photo spread on correct pages, using key colour suggested for a certain article etc)
  • Using creativity and design skills to create spreads that complement the text and artwork but are also engaging to read and browse through.
  • Preparing the master PDF and ensuring it will look its best in print
  • Working to tight deadlines – about a week is allowed for design before the issue has to be sent to the printer (to get you settled in, we have allowed more time for the first issue)

When applying, please include samples of work/portfolio and experience – specifically in print production (particularly for the Head Designer). For the other members of the design team, we are looking for innovative design that would appeal to students, enthusiasm and ability to work to deadline/cooperate in a team.  

Social Media Team (3 members)

Perfect for communication or marketing students wanting to gain experience in social media management. Applicant should have sound knowledge of various social media platforms to create fun and engaging content.

What the role entails:

  • Being part of a small team that runs all the social media accounts for Catalyst Magazine (primarily Facebook, Instagram and Twitter)
  • Creating engaging and up-to-date content to keep readers informed and engaged across all social media platforms. This takes the form of visuals/posters for happenings like announcing pitches are open, an upcoming Catalyst event, giveaways
  • Ability to use design programs/create these ~~aesthetic~~ visuals
  • Let us know if you also have a special interest in helping with event management – launch parties, workshops etc

News Editor (online)

For those who can’t get enough of the news. This role is suitable for someone who is a good communicator, highly organised and able to effectively manage a team.

Most news items will be for online, however, you will be in regular communication with the Main Editors and will be able to recommend any particularly exciting/outstanding pieces to be re-worked for the print edition.

What the role entails:

  • Keeping up to date with news relevant to RMIT students
  • Managing a team of reporters (you will be able to do this with the assistance of the main editorial team, don’t worry!)
  • Liaising with main editors
  • Assigning events and news items to reporters
  • Keeping up to date with student politics at RMIT (and possibly other universities too)
  • Ensuring news items are published online in a timely manner with accuracy
  • Working knowledge of, or willingness to learn about Media law (ie what can and cannot be published) Attending editorial committee meetings

Video Coordinator

Great for a media student with experience in video making/editing. As this is a new role for 2018, Catalyst is your oyster! Take the opportunity to go anywhere with our video content.

What the role entails:

  • Shooting/editing videos primarily for online purposes
  • Working alongside the social media team to incorporate video content into Catalyst socials/advertisements and more
  • Help curate video ideas to boost the magazine’s multimedia presence
  • Skills in animation/effects are an extra bonus!

Advertising Coordinator

Ideal for marketing/business/PR students. Hands-on experience in dealing directly with businesses and generating revenue.

What the role entails:

  • Liaising with our advertisers – creating callouts for email/ social media
  • Ensuring our ad pack is up to date & is accurate
  • Sending our ad pack to potential advertisers
  • Ensuring advertisers get their ads to us by predetermined deadlines

Fiction and Poetry Editor  

Ideal for Professional Writing and Editing/Creative Writing students.

What the role entails:

  • Reviewing and selecting pitches for the creative writing and poetry category
  • Being the point of contact if contributors need assistance with these
  • Sourcing and organising new fiction and poetry content to fit in with each issue’s theme
  • Liaising with relevant school to source and recruit contributors for content
  • Liaising with main editors
  • Attending editorial committee meetings

Assistant Podcast Producer – Cataclysm

A great way to further your audio making/storytelling skills and get some valuable experience. Lots of opportunity to incorporate your ideas and suggestions to refresh the podcast and give it your own flavour.

What the role entails:

  • Assisting the Podcast Producer to oversee the production of a 30 minute monthly/bi-monthly podcast
  • Working with the editors and Podcast Producer to decide on themes and overall sound of the podcast
  • Assistance with editing podcast segments
  • Planning and strategy – fitting Cataclysm to the wants/interests of RMIT students
  • Helping generate more engagement with Cataclysm (contributors and listeners)

Editorial Committee

Wondering how to gain editing experience or want to use yours in a fun, hands-on setting? Editorial Committee is an exciting way to get more involved with Catalyst and meet others with similar interests! Ed Comm is responsible for guiding the direction of Catalyst in terms of its content –  all done in a collaborative environment. This year, we’re focusing on building a solid team with more ownership and you will always have your ideas/feedback heard.

What the role entails:

  • Attending an editorial meeting before each issue where the content list is brainstormed
  • Being designated a couple of pieces which you will follow from the draft to the final stage, alongside the editors and section editor (if applicable)
  • Proofing and editing of pieces to go into the magazine. We will hold editing meetings which you are encouraged to attend but always have the opportunity to edit online if you can’t make it
  • Opportunity to specialise in editing pieces you are passionate about (eg. news, science, poetry, features etc)

News Reporter

If you’re studying journalism or a related course and want a taste of reporting on important issues, joining the News team is perfect for you! Your focus would be issues that students care about and ones they don’t even know about yet…

What the role entails:

  • Liasing with the News Editor and editors to pick up stories Catalyst needs covered. These may include events happening on campus, protests, investigations into university happenings, student politics or wider societal issues.
  • Pitching story ideas to the News Editor
  • Writing thoroughly researched pieces to tight deadlines. You will have the support of the News Editor and editors to produce these and we are always there to help you develop your skills


We’re recruiting for a range of photographers from any/all disciplines; as long as you’re handy with a camera and can file on time.

This year Catalyst is planning to create a list of photographers that can be sent to various events or locations to take photos (most likely portraits) that will be published alongside a feature story or online piece.

What the role entails:

  • Liaising with editorial committee members and section editors
  • Going on assignment to various locations to photograph subjects/events
  • Keeping the photography close to the theme of the upcoming issue (taking into account theme colours, what the feature story is about etc when taking a photo)
  • Filing photos in a timely manner

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