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Millenials are selfish, but baby boomers are self centredor is it the other way around? What attempts do we, individually and as a society, make in order to look outside of ourselves? Is it possible? Perhaps we should love and value ourselves more. How do you relate to yourself now versus five years ago? Do robots have a sense of self?

For issue two of Catalyst 2018, we’re asking contributors to think about notions of the self. It’s a deliberately broad topic, so whichever way you want to swing it, we want to hear your ideas. Pitch your ideas at the google form here.

If you’re interested in contributing visual work, check out the Self Visual Content Guide. Visual submissions are warmly welcomed at


PITCH DEADLINE: Monday, 5 March

FIRST DRAFT DEADLINE: Wednesday, 14 March


Below you’ll find prompts for both nonfiction and fiction pieces to go in the magazine alongside our regular sections + columns. These are just a guide, if you’ve got an idea that isn’t here but you think is great, then by all means – pitch it to us! Speaking of pitching, we’ve included some instructions on that in the attached style guide. Below you’ll find all the important dates for the submission of your piece.

An important note: Please keep in mind this is a student publication for students. We encourage you to think about who you are writing for and who is likely to come across and flick through a copy of Catalyst (hint: it will probably be a student!). So finding a way to make your piece relevant to student life at RMIT will always be looked on favourably by the editors.


Student uni life |

Self-care | Self organisation | Reconsidering Uni | Career Paths | Self comparison | Dreams/desires | Home-coming | Moving out | Self-motivation | Dealing with criticism | Old life | Old friends | Reunions | Ingroups and outgroups | Isolating yourself | Versions of yourself | “Treat yourself” | Ghosting |


Self care | Ego | Self exploration | Spiritual self | Chakras | Mental health – self loathing | Narcissism | Modern-day etiquette | Life skills | Tall poppy syndrome | Everyday self vs. online self | Personal essays | Ancestors/history | Nature vs. nurture | Fate | ‘What if’ | Diary entries | Treating yourself | Rejection | Compartmentalisation | Significant others | Losing yourself | Mirroring | Existentiality | Alone | Remote | Isolation | Personal essays | Escapism | Rite of passage

Issues |

Selfhood of animals | Selfhood in abortions | Self autonomy of marginalised communities | | Political identity | Psychology – talking about the self | Value of individualism | Collectivism | Extremes | Othering | Self-identify

Science and tech |

Robot identity | DNA | Self-tailored advertising | Plastic surgery | Beauty products | Body dysmorphia | Photoshop/filters | Strange medical procedures | Organ/Body donations | Anatomy | Neurological disruption of self |

Self – word |

Selfish | Selfless | Self-centred | Self-oriented | Self-sacrifice | Self-discovery |

Music, culture and fashion |

Selfies | Self Portraits | Mirror | Individualism in fashion | Self degradation | Make-overs | Haircuts | Identity within subcultures | Photography of self | Street fashion | Tag yourself memes

Recipes |

Face masks | Self care snacks

We are always on the look-out for short/long-form hard news pieces to publish in our news section. If you have an idea for a story that relates to some timely news happening around RMIT, we want to hear about it. Our news director is William Ton and you can reach him at


Firstly, have a read through our style guide – this is important for knowing our tone and the kinds of things editors look for when reading through pitches.

Secondly, this pitching guide by Express Media might help you figure out how to go about it.

If you are nervous about pitching or are pitching for the first time, remember that Catalyst is the perfect place to take your first steps. Who cares if you cook it, we certainly won’t! We don’t want to miss out on a great idea because the writer was worried about submitting a subpar pitch.

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