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With Semester One about to wrap up, we’ve finally got that much needed mid year break in the not too distant future… so many blissful weeks of free time to put Issue 3 together! The theme is Culture, and we can’t wait to explore the diversity and identities of students at RMIT.

Whether it’s your family ties and traditions, your belonging to a quirky subculture or a more scientific take on the theme, send your pitch our way. However – we do want to be mindful that this issue is compiled without offensive appropriation. If you are looking for ways to appreciate other cultures but haven’t yet thought about how to avoid appropriating them, perhaps instead focus on writing something that is relevant to you and let people from specific cultures tell their own narrative.

Check out our content list for more ideas and fill out this google form to pitch. (and click here if you need help with that!)

We’d also love some visuals to match the following content ideas, so shoot them through to
Scroll down to find some prompts for both fiction and nonfiction pieces to be included in the magazine, alongside our regular sections + columns.

These are just a guide, so don’t hold back on pitching any other ideas that you have, we’d love to hear them. Click here for our style guide, it has some instructions on how to pitch. 

And keep in mind, Catalyst is a publication run by students, for students. Remember who your audience is. Try to keep your pieces student focused and in scope of what a uni student would be interested in reading!

important dates

PITCH DEADLINE:  Saturday 8 June 2019

FIRST DRAFT DEADLINE: Monday 17 June 2019

SUBMISSION DEADLINE: Monday 24 June 2019


Lifestyle | Cultural Appropriation (eg. problematic outfits at music festivals, white people with dreads) | Identity  | Social behaviour | Queer culture | Youth culture | Memes | Pop culture | Social media and selfie culture |  Online etiquette – how do we interact on Facebook today vs. our MSN conversations of 2009? | Tinder and the dating scene  | Tattoo culture | Punk culture | Psychedelia | Slang | Vibes and how to create them | Drug culture amongst youth | Generation gaps | Breaking stereotypes | Trends | Meditation and yoga


Cultural background | Festivals and tradition | Ceremonies| Weddings | Spirituality and belief  | Ethics and values | Customs | Rituals | Cultural costume and jewellery | Bilingualism | The dangers of English as a global language?  | How language shapes thought | Racism | | Family history | Dance and ceremony | Cultural practises | Women of color | Civilizations | History | Architecture around the world | Artefacts | Globalisation  | Parenting and educational differences around the world (eg. forest kindergartens) | Cultural taboos | Existence of white privilege |


Indigenous Australia  | Land rights | Aboriginal culture  | Aboriginal art | Culture and country  | Racism and far-right politicians | First nations resistance against colonisation   | Ongoing destruction of sacred Aboriginal land (eg. Djap Wurrung birthing trees, proposed Adani coal mine and NT fracking)  | Bogans and Baby Boomers | What is modern (so-called) Australian culture? | The migrant experience | Home & Away / Neighbours  | Aus Pol | AFL and sports culture | Australian art | Growing up in the country | Surf culture


Multiculturalism  | Coffee culture |  Northside / Southside divide  | What is a 2019 hipster? | Suburbs and stereotypes  | NGV vs. Street Art | Communities and subcultures |  Melbourne fashion | Cycling culture | Highbrow vs lowbrow  | Gig culture


Probiotics  | Permaculture  | Arboriculture |  Bacteria and organisms  | Biological culture | Agriculture  | Horticulture | Cell cultures | Gut health  | Ants working together | Sociology | Anthropology


Culture and cuisine| Fermented foods 101 – kefir, kimchi, tempeh, sauerkraut, coconut yoghurt etc. |  DIY: how to make kombucha | Fermentation of alcohol | Foodie culture | Family recipes that have been passed down |


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