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Cataclysm: Episode Twenty-Five

This month, hosts Lily Lazzarotti and Nick Carr talk hometowns, picket fences and family dynamics for our third episode of 2017: SUBURBAN.

Feel all the nostalgic hometown feels in Letters to My Suburb by Nat Pitcher, explore an often overlooked facet of family life in Georgia Imfeld’s feature, Jerry: My Father’s Father, and find out where HBO’s adaptation of Liane Moriarty’s novel, Big Little Lies ranks on the specially-devised Cataclysm Rating Scale™.

Cataclysm: Episode Twenty-Four

This month, hosts Julia Sansone and Laura Thiele explore the many facets of ‘after’. In Patrick Hills’ feature, The Grave Truth, learn about the people who care for the bodies of the homeless after they pass, and dive into the aftermath of the imagined finacial ruin of the US with Nick Carr and Lily Lazzaroti in their review of Lionel Shriver’s The Mandibles for the first Book Club of 2017. Investigate the mysterious placebo effect with Hamish Vallance, and get the lowdown on the month in politics in the lastest instalment of Politics on the Couch with Claudia Long and Tash Grivas.

Cataclysm: Episode Twenty-Three

Cataclysm’s new producer Nat Pitcher is joined by co-host Nick Carr to kick off the first episode for 2017: SURREAL.

Hear a new perspective on the ‘other side’ in Claudia Long’s piece, Mortuary, transcend the known-unknowns and the unknown-unknowns of the universe in Jack Connor’s Searching for the Unknown, and catch up on all the happenings in Aussie politics during Politics on the Couch with Claudia Long and Tash Grivas.

Cataclysm: Episode Twenty-Two
Max Stainkamph is joined by new producer Sophie Hezier, Jane McLoud and Al Najmeddine as we talk all things unknown.
We explore the depths of our world with Rochelle Kirkham, and the depths of space with Max. Bethan Wainman explores Fake Meat, and our reviewers look at The Martian and The Hobbit.

Cataclysm: Episode Fifteen

For this episode, expectations. What’s life like after uni? What do we expect from mature aged students? Plus, two incredible interviews with journalist Peter Greste and author CS Pascat.

Cataclysm: Episode Fourteen

For this episode, Cataclysm asks what is home to you? For Date Night, Evan and Monica make a home-cooked meal; Rachael volunteers cooking meals to combat loneliness; Jess takes to the streets and asks people, what does home mean for them?; and Harriet and Brendan look at the disturbing trend of #milifandom.

Cataclysm: Episode Thirteen

This episode: secrets, we’ve all got them, what’s yours? Jess Davis has a look at the bicycle thief epidemic in Melbourne, Book Club turns its eyes on Kurt Vonnegut’s Slaughterhouse 5, Evan Young files from Bluesfest and Victoria Knauf Brendan Wrigley get locked in a dark room to solve puzzles for a date. That and more on Cataclysm: The Catalyst Podcast.

Cataclysm: Episode Twelve

The first episode for 2015, with Executive Producers Ashleigh McMillan and Rachael Dexter bringing you a brand new Politics on the Couch with Brendan Wrigley and Harriet Conron, Jess Davis talks to people about their earliest memories, Alexander Darling speaks to comedian Andrew Jeannot and Lauren Muscat checks out Dior and I. Not to mention the old classic Date Night and the new Cataclysm Book Club.

Cataclysm: Episode Eleven

The last episode where Alicia Barker speaks to Cameron David May about his work in the upcoming Catalyst, Rachael Dexter considers living in tiny houses, Broede Carmody & Richard Ferguson with the last Politics on the Couch, Finbar O’Mallon speaks to a speed dating coach, Beth Gibson brings us a preview of her art project on homelessness in Melbourne and Alexander Darling looks at the push for a monument to the dim sim in Melbourne’s CBD.

Presented by Ashleigh McMillan, Rachael Dexter, Richard Ferguson & Finbar O’Mallon.

Cataclysm: Episode Ten

This episode: the rockstar of scuba diving John Garvin speaks with Ashleigh McMillan, Rachael Dexter hangs outside the State Library of Victoria, Darcy Oliver takes a look at Tom Hardy’s latest flick, Alexander Darling fails to buy Alicia Barker a drink for their date night at Bennetts Lane Jazz Club, Jack Callil speaks with Catalyst’s featured photographer Lani Holmberg and Richard Ferguson says Broede Carmody needs to be a lifter and not a leaner in Politics on the Couch.

Presented by Alexander Darling, Alicia Barker and Ashleigh McMillan.

Cataclysm: Episode Nine

This (huge) episode: VHS and film with Ashleigh McMillan joining us in the studio to talk MIFF, Jessica Sheffield revisits the video store, Darcy Oliver brings his latest reviews, Rachael Dexter and Harriet Conron go for a date night at the Coburg Drive-In, Ashleigh McMillan speaks with the makers of The Animal Condition, artist Ernesto Rios speaks with Jessica Lukjanow, Finbar O’Mallon attends a VHS swapmeet, Alicia Barker remembers your favourite 90s TV shows and Alexander Darling looks at film piracy.

Presented by Rachael Dexter & Jessica Lukjanow with Ashleigh McMillan

With music by Kevin MacLeod

Cataclysm: Episode Eight

This episode: noise. Rachael Dexter investigates the supposed health hazard behind the subsonic noises coming out of wind turbines, Jessica Lukjanow talks to RMIT students about their embarrassing sex noise stories, Alicia Barker speaks to Henry Law about his work, Jack Callil asks Paul Miller about his poetry, Richard Ferguson & Broede Carmody take a look at Glasgow and stolen dictaphones and Yara Murray-Atfield brings you the sounds of Timor-Leste.

Presented Broede Carmody & Allison Worrall.

Cataclysm: Episode Seven

This episode: a break up episode with Alexander Darling and Broede Carmody asking Melbournians about break ups, Rushani Epa and Broede Carmody helping you find a good spot to call it quits with someone, Alan Weedon talks about the end of a relationship, Ashleigh McMillan visits Charlie’s Country, Rachael Dexter speaks to Chris Gooch about his comics, Matilda Edwards interviews Max Bishop about music festivals in Australia, Richard Ferguson and Broede Carmody do #palmgore and Sam Cucchiara ‘hangs out’ with some nudists.

Presented by Richard Ferguson & Rushani Epa.

Cataclysm: Episode Six

This episode: Beth Gibson and Broede Carmody ask Melburnians when they knew they’d grown up, Ashleigh McMillan and Darcy Oliver take on Margaret & David with ‘Also At The Movies’, Matilda Edwards speaks to Maxwell Roberts from Velma Grove, Alan Weedon and Allison Worrall go on a very fancy first date and Zoe Blain joins us for readings.

Presented by Alan Weedon & Allison Worrall.

Cataclysm: Episode Five

This episode: an extra greasy date night, Ashleigh McMillan has a lot of sass in store for Nicole Kidman and Grace of Monaco, Politics on the Couch returns, Broede Carmody speaks to Michael Walsh on Victoria’s growing ice problem and Beth Gibson brings you a radio play.

Presented by Rushani Epa & Richard Ferguson.

Cataclysm: Episode Four

This episode: a date night at a chocolate bar, Cataclysm checks out Good Beer Week, Eloise Florence’s writing inspires Beth Gibson to go on a Tinder date, Finbar O’Mallon covers the March in May and Jack Callil speaks to Ineke Adamson.

Presented by Rushani Epa & Alexander Darling.

Cataclysm: Episode Three

This episode: a date night at Madame Brussels, James Smith from Good Beer Week, Nathaniel Tanter speaks with Jess Porter, Finbar O’Mallon brings you a roundtable on the latest Victorian budget, Broede Carmody & Richard Ferguson with another Politics on the Couch, Ashleigh McMillan checks out Under the Skin, poetry by Francesca Di Stefano and Alexander Darling asks about the weirdest thing you’ve received as a text.

Presented by Beth Gibson & Jack Callil.

Cataclysm: Episode Two

This episode: our first attempt to help you find a good date spot, Canopy and The Double, the ANZAC Day Dawn Service, Valona Flamuri and her seaweed dress, Bluesfest, readings with Scott Woodard and Politics on the Couch “rolls out the barrel of O’Farrell”.

Presented by Richard Ferguson & Jack Callil.

Cataclysm: Episode One

This episode: the best pho in Melbourne, The Invisible Woman, rising coffee prices, The Mae Trio, Jordan Drysdale, poetry by Izzy Roberts-Orr and Politics on the Couch with Richard Ferguson & Broede Carmody.

Presented by Beth Gibson & Broede Carmody.

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