Visual Content Guide: Issue 3 POSITIVE

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Semester one is getting stressful, so Catalyst needs your help to look on the brighter side of life. Let’s think POSITIVE. What makes you feel good? Are you a ‘glass half full’ kinda person? Is positivity always healthy?  For issue three of Catalyst 2018, we’re asking RMIT student contributors to think about all notions of positivity. Which ironically, may not be positive at all. Whichever way you look at it, we want your ideas.

We’re looking for all styles and formats for visuals–illustration, photography, painting, digital art, anything your talented souls can make! Send your pieces, or an explanation of the piece you intend to create, through to to be featured in the magazine.

The below written articles require corresponding visuals for this issue:

  • Self-deprecating and dark humour/comedians
  • u=u, Undetectable = Untransmittable, HIV
  • Ballerina/ballet
  • Positive/negative stereotypes of various professions (real estate agent, teacher, doctor, politician)
  • Pleasure, pain and sex
  • Blood type, AB Positive
  • Optimist in a world of pessimists

Stand-alone visuals that fit with the theme are also welcome! Have a look at the following ideas and create if you’re inspired:


Glass half full | Pregnancy tests | Mood and weather | Seasonal affective disorder | Religion | Buddhism | Karma | Connotations of professions | Pregnancy scares | Propaganda | Positive ‘energy’ | American dream | Fads | Modern spirituality | Altruism | Nostalgia  | Rose-tinted glasses | Positive role models | ‘All good things come to an end’ |  Good vibes | 100% Positive | “Are you sure?” “I’m Positive” | Fake happiness | Positive relationships | Pleasure | Setting goals | Failing | Measures of success | Positive praise | Dealing with criticism | Positive protesting | Positive affirmation | Inspiration porn (success stories) |  Empowerment

Science, tech & health |

Abortion | HIV Positive | ‘Testing positive’ | False positives | STIs | Mental Health | ‘Active April’ | Unknown diagnosis | Positive psychology | Biology of positivity | Body positivity | Positive health implications | Stigmas | Hypochondria | Blood-type | Self-help | Optimism bias | Positivity trends/timeline | Motivational speakers | Pseudo science | Mindfulness | Placebo effect | Physical exercise benefits | Drug therapy | Protons, neutrons, electrons | + | Mathematics | Positive correlation

Music, culture and fashion |

Body image | Plus-sized models | Therapeutic art | Occupational therapy | Music therapy |  Feel-good art | Film negatives/positives | All good things – Nelly Furtado




  • CMYK, 300 DPI, highest quality possible
  • PSD/AI files preferred – otherwise TIFF and PNG
  • Provide a title and naming convention to credit – Name, title, year. Courtesy of … (if applicable).
  • The colour scheme is there for inspiration. Feel free to pick and choose the colours you’d like to incorporate from it (or use similar colours)

Catalyst is RMIT’s student magazine – produced and made by students for students to pick up around campus for free. We are unable to compensate contributors but do our absolute best to share and promote student work to a wider audience in print and online. 


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