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The Queer Department exists to represent,

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advocate for and empower RMIT students who identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender or intersex, and those who are curious about or questioning their sexuality. While the Queer Officers facilitate the Queer Department’s activities, the agenda is set by you – the students. Anyone who is queer or queer-friendly is welcome in the Queer Lounges.

The Queer Lounges are safe spaces in the Bundoora and City campuses that exist to provide RMIT students with the opportunity to join a diverse community of queer and queer-friendly people! They’re equipped with couches, coffee, tea, chairs and other awesome crap.

Being a part of the community means you can gain exposure to the ‘gay scene’ in a non-confrontational way. We organise free workshops which provide opportunities for students to learn about safe sex, gender, sexuality and a whole array of other topics. They also allow students to engage in conversations they may feel uneasy about in other places. The Queer Lounge is also a great way to get involved with the greater community. We often attend equal marriage rallies and the Pride March with the Collective.

The City Queer Lounge is located in: Building 8, Level 3, Room 6, and is open from 8am weekdays. The Bundoora Queer Lounge is located in: Building 204, and is open from 8am weekdays.

The 2013 Queer Officers are Kircy Jong, Michael Kean and Hasnain Sheikh. They’re all full-time RMIT students based at the City Campus. They are all pretty amazing and committed to ensuring the Queer Lounges are safe

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and welcoming spaces for everyone!

Anyone can join the Queer Department at any time, or just drop by the Queer Lounge whenever they feel like it. The City Queer Lounge conducts weekly meetings (Mondays at 5pm) and these are great if you want to get a feel of what we’re about! Our first meeting is March 4, 2013. You can also come into the Queer Lounge whenever you’re on campus, or email the officers and ask them to arrange a time to meet you!

Kircy Jong, Michael Kean & Hasnain Sheikh


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