Comedy Review: Welcome to Planet Earth

2011 Raw Comedy finalist Laura Hughes bursts into the comedy festival this year with her debut solo show, ‘Welcome to Planet Earth’.

Part stage show, part theme party, part stand-up, Laura takes her audience on a wild ride through the galaxy on a simple mission: Land on planet Earth to “assimilate, mate, and dominate.”

The show features videos, interactive media, interpretive dance/rap routines and – just to top it all off – shiny star stickers for participating audience members.

Despite an audience filled with critics and plagued by technical problems, Laura’s clear grasp of comedic timing, innuendo, suspension of reality and flow saved the day.

After a shaky beginning, even the most serious of audience members could be seen chuckling by the end.

(The bubble gun whipped out part-way through certainly didn’t hurt.)

The variety of entertainment stopped what could be a tired idea from going stale, as dated references were perked up by Laura’s enthusiasm and witty observations.

Welcome to Planet Earth’ is playing at the Portland Hotel until April 21.

Sarah Stackman


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