From the Womyn’s Department

We are definitely getting into semester one, aren’t we? It’s been hectic! I may have met some of you at clubs week in week one or even at one of our launch parties! If you haven’t had a chance to say hello, come along to one of our many upcoming events.

Also, if you have any event ideas then email them through and we’ll see if we can sort something out. Keep an eye out for both the free food events and also the Collective gatherings where we will meet and discuss a variety of issues, questions and ideas.

So our launch parties, what were they? They were simply two lovely social gatherings, with a great bunch of womyn from around RMIT. We had fruit platters, music, cupcakes and all sorts of snacks. You should also keep an eye out for our fabulous launch party hand-art that will be displayed in both the City and Bundoora campus womyn’s rooms.

There’s an artist in all of us! And on that note, do you have artwork you’d like displayed in one of our rooms or in the halls nearby? We can arrange to have your work put on display for all your fellow RMIT students!

And to finish … calling all womyn! Do you have any articles that you would like to have published? Send them in to Catalyst to see your work in print! We’d love to see work by you on womyn’s issues, health, style, life, and feminist theory.

If you have a friend or a friend of a friend that you think would be interested, let them know and send it through to either your Womyn’s Officer or Catalyst at [email protected].

Also, make sure you check our upcoming events.

April 22nd – Ladies’ Afternoon Tea and Collective Gathering, City Campus, 2.30pm-4.30pm.

April 29th – Ladies’ Afternoon Tea and Collective Gathering, Bundoora Campus, 2.30pm-4.30pm.

May 12th – Mother’s Day Fun Run, subsidy details and training opportunities will be coming soon!

May 23rd – Ladies’ Semester Break Up Games Afternoon, City Campus, 3pm-6pm.

May 30th – Ladies’ Semester Break Up Games Afternoon, Bundoora Campus, 3pm-6pm.

July 15th-19th – NOWSA (Network of Women Students Australia) Conference in Melbourne. There will be funding opportunities available.

Yasmine Lintvelt


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