HP Boyz interview on Afterparty

Written by Matt Slocum

I spoke to HP Mwayz last week about the HP Boyz new double single release entitled ‘Afterparty’. The group love to party and this was the energy they wanted to bring to the world with this release.  

The HP Boyz’s success has continued to skyrocket since their emergence back in 2019. They’re one of the biggest acts in the country and have consistently delivered time and time again. However, they still have moments that are surreal to them. As a group, they have a huge influence over the youth culture in Australia. “We know a whole generation looks up to us,” Mwayz said, “It’s still surprising every day”. 

Afterparty features two songs, ‘M1’ and ‘Free Throw’. “My boys love to party, and COVID didn’t stop the party,” Mwayz said when asked about the inspiration for the tracks. “It doesn’t matter if COVID’s here, we still love to party”. Due to lockdowns around Australia, the boys had to cancel their tour last minute, but are itching to get back on stage and feel the energy from their supporters again. They performed at their first festival earlier this year at New Zealand’s Bay Dreams in Nelson and Mwayz described the NZ fans as “a whole vibe”. Due to the pandemic though, potential festival appearances from the boys are probably on halt. 

Click here to watch the interview with HP Mwayz.

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