TUSEKAH: Another promising act from New Zealand

Written by Matt Slocum

Stepping out with her first single, Tusekah combines great instrumentation with a blend of pop/RnB sounding vocals on ‘CHILDHOODFRIENDS’. She talks about the struggles of catching feelings for someone you grew up with and the worry of them not seeing you in the same light.

This song is for anyone going through heartbreak or the doubts that come with relationships. However, it’s upbeat and perfect for the summer. It would sound amazing in any social setting because it sounds happy and it’s a singalong. I was pleasantly surprised with this song and after a few listens it really caught me. It’s very catchy but the actual music itself makes for all-round good vibes. Tusekah has a mix of that classic New Zealand sound infused with other genres she’s been influenced by, which make for an interesting but satisfying hybrid.

Tusekah is extremely talented however this is her first professionally done record, but I’d expect her to go places with the right team behind her. Coming out of Dunedin, there’s a lot to be discovered in her musical capabilities and it’ll be exciting to see what she brings over the next few years. Keep an eye out for her and follow her Instagram for updates on new music and to hear ‘CHILDHOOD FRIENDS’ when it drops!

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