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Animal Crossing Expands Your Horizons With New Update 2.0

Nintendo set off sparks of excitement when a 20-minute trailer dropped on October 15 introducing Animal Crossing New Horizons’ newest update: Animal Crossing Direct. This new chapter includes a line-up of new additions as a part of its free major update, but it also debuts a premium paid extension, New Horizons’ Happy Home Paradise. Not only will the quality of the game improve with update 2.0, but several familiar fan-favorites are expected to make a comeback.

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So, what is included in this free, new update? Here are just some of the things to come:

Brewster’s Cafe, The Roost: Animal Crossing veterans will remember all too well the iconic coffee-brewing pigeon. Brewster will open a cafe located in the museum, where players can sit, relax, and share a coffee with other island residents. You can even invite other characters to visit using the amiibo phone and compatible amiibo cards!

Kapp’n Boat Tours: For 1000 bells, Kapp’n will take you on a boat tour adventure to discover hidden islands. There you may find new flora species, enter different seasons or a different time of day. He may even serenade you with his sea shanties along the way.

Harv’s open market: Remember our hippy dog friend Harv? His island, once home to only one building, is now expanding to include a plaza. Harv and his friend Harriet are inviting you to help fund an open market. With your donations, familiar island visitors like Kicks, Sahara, Red, Reece and Cyrus will open their stalls and bring the market to life.

Gyroids: In addition to fossils, you can now unearth gyroids. Gyroids play unique sounds and can be customized according to their surroundings. You can also plant them and water them to produce more.

Cooking: Yes, you can now COOK! Use your harvest and other ingredients to chef it up in your kitchen.

Also, the iconic froggy chair has returned.

In addition to the free update is their first premium DLC expansion, New Horizons – Happy Home Paradise. Here you will join the Paradise Planning Team to build and design dream getaway homes for the island’s development company.

Some of the additions include:

Paradise Planning: Paradise Planning is the resort developer led by a familiar friend, Lottie. Here you will be tasked to design the perfect vacation homes for resort-goers which will vary from client to client.

New Design Techniques: As you gain experience, you will learn new techniques: adjusting room sizes, creating partition walls, pillars, mood lighting, soundscapes and more!

Design Facilities: Vacant buildings on Paradise Planning Island will be turned into restaurants, schools and hospitals designed by you.

Bring back your skills to the main island: With a wealth of design knowledge now under your belt, you can take these skills back to your main island and use them in your own home!

The sad news is that this will be the last major free content update for New Horizons. But if you’re like me and you haven’t picked up your switch in over a year, this new update may reignite that spark of joy we all felt during New Horizons’ mainstream breakthrough of 2020. This new chapter is sure to keep us playing again – and maybe even for quite a long time.

Animal Crossing New Horizons Direct launches on 5 November.

Author: Beatrice Madamba

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