What happened to ‘eggboy’ Will Connolly? Anti-fascist to Anti-vax

Content Warning: This article contains mentions to Islamophobia, right-extremist terrorism and COVID-19 denial.

Will Connolly was a viral teenager in Australia who was arrested after ‘egging’ racist Far-Right politician Fraser Anning after his response to the horrific terrorist attack in Christchurch stating ‘the immigration program which allowed Muslim fanatics to migrate’.

Image Description: Will Connolly throwing an egg at Fraser Anning’s bald head

Fraser Anning was affiliated with One Nation, Katter’s Australian until being seated as the Senator for Queensland after special recount was triggered by the removal of One Nation senator Malcolm Roberts due to a British citizenship.

This lead to him running under the party ‘Conservative National Party’, after a history of being expelled from right-wing parties for his affiliation with white supremecist views.

His companions have included convicted criminals such as Neil Erikson and members of the militant white supremacist group True Blue Crew.

On 5 January 2019 Anning attended a far-right rally in Melbourne led by far-right extremist Blair Cottrell, founder of the United Patriots Front.

As of 2021, the mass of alt-right demonstrations in the country has grown. In January 2021, 30 men were caught in the Grampians harrassing tourists with nazi salutes, anti-Semitic chants. Images of the weekend we’re leaked of cross burning and chants on Mount Rosea.

This group was connected to the Nationalist Socialist Network, responsible for a cult-like breeding ground for extremists who are training in hope of bringing about societal collapse or a white revolution.

After the egg incident, Will was invited to Channel 10’s The Project, as well as a massive outreach from Australian artists such as Hilltop Hoods for free concert tickets.

He then went to a short media run with SBS and ABC.

Here is where it becomes twisted. Recently it was revealed that Will Connolly was a media pundit for domestic abuser, Far-Right Avi Remini’s Rebel News during the anti-vaccination mandate protests. Rebel News is an Australian branch of the Canadian network by the same name founded by founder of the Proud Boys, Gavin McInnes.

At the Freedom Rally, Avi Yemini tweeted ‘#Eggboy grew up to be an absolute legend’.

In the clip he says, “I think it comes down to humility. I think a big problem right now is not wanting to know and ignorance, the opposite of that is curiosity and in order to be curious you have to assume you have something to learn”. Although there is no heavy connection to the rally itself, the double-speak and beating around the bush at being exposed in the rally is blatant.

Recently Will has been accused of spreading COVID misinformation on his Instagram account that has moved beyond politics to cherry picked neo-spiritualism.

In this post he claimed that CDC approved testing did not work, attempting to draw a divide between his young influencial followers and a new neo-hippie community. The post was quickly hidden by Instagram and flagged as misinformation after the claims were debunked by two independent fact checkers.

As of now, it is fair to say that the former Herald Sun Hero Will Connolly is Anti-vax, with countless of his friendship networks openly and loudly opposed to vaccinations. It is unclear of his political stance with connections to Alt-right lead Freedom Rallies.

Article Written by Jasper Riley

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