Too late! All RMIT Students will have access to Adobe Creative Cloud in 2022

RMIT has been leading University for digital technology innovation since it’s fruition in the 1990’s.

This week RMIT has announced that as of 2022, the university will become the 55th Adobe Creative Campus, with an on-campus Adobe Hub with 1 on 1 creative coaching.

With the announcement, RMIT has greenlit full access to Adobe Creative Cloud for students beyond the Communication and Design degrees. The current pricing for students for the suite is a $22 monthly subscription which just isn’t possible for most students to pay.

RMIT’s Deputy Vice Chancellor Professor Aleksandar Subic stated, ‘As a global university of technology, design and enterprise, with a focus on helping people thrive amidst technological transformations, this partnership enables our students to generate creative ideas in multiple modalities, demonstrating their digital literacy and creativity, and graduate with in-demand work-ready skills’.

With a combined stress of demand for creative softwares for interns and junior positions in businesses, paying $263.87 over the course of a year with the plans to make a tax claim won’t cut it. For businesses that won’t subsidise or reimburse juniors for the expensive software, RMIT’s plans to open access the suite is more than timely.

As of this decade and the push to web 3.0 across Twitterspace, Meta and Discord, Adobe is the frontier for a neo-Microsoft Office that has always been included in plans for schooling. As online-schooling demanded video production, RMIT left students in the dark to attempt using Windows Movie Maker, Loom and OBS to create presentations.

We say it is to late as the need for video production across degrees is coming to an end. However, better late than never. As majority of RMIT’s degrees already had access to the softwares, it is beyond ridiculous as the university opens up to see this as a win when students required this access 2 years ago.

Until 2022, it’s time to start learning the UI of Adobe, as it could become the norm.

Article Written by Jasper Riley

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