Submissions are now OPEN for Issue One: ‘Bedroom Pop’

RMIT Catalyst is looking for creative submissions to our first issue of the year, ‘Bedroom Pop’

The publication loves to feature all:

  • Writing 200-500 words (Essays, Creative Writing, Poetry, etc.)
  • Interviews
  • Digital Art
  • Photography
  • Painting (Watercolour, Oil, etc.)
  • Drawing (Graphite, Pencil, Colour)
  • Collages

All image submissions to Catalyst must be in a portrait orientation, 300 dpi and submitted in PDF file format. This is to ensure the highest quality print.

All writing submissions must be in PDF or DOCX format, with a preferred name of the writer at the bottom.

Submit to Issue One: Bedroom Pop’s Online Form.

If link fails to open a new tab, copy and paste


What is ‘bedroom pop’?

Bedroom Pop is a style of Indie Pop birthed from the 2010s. Like garage-rock, BP served as an intimate and authentic genre influenced by nostalgic sounds and psychedelia. Bedroom Pop encapsulates a grassroots movement of art and literature from the ‘bedroom’. The teen angst of Chillwave tracks influenced the bedrock of the internet today through Soundcloud to YouTube as youth tuned in to witness a true image of themselves for the first time since The Beatles.

Young people are the epitome of hope. in art, in music, in film, in writing, in laughter, in anger, in culture and in change. 

We have the blessing now to show ourselves in all our authenticity, through expression and creation. the sensation of the ‘overnight success’ and dreams of being randomly scouted are dissipating. We have everything we need to become who we want to be, from our comfort zones and four walls of our homes.

This is bedroom pop. this is making whatever you want to, whenever you can, however you want.

What are some ideas of material to submit?

Catalyst Issue One is looking to tell the stories of authentic, grassroots creatives. Some examples of works could include:

  • Interview with a suburban band
  • Reflection of your growth as an artist
  • Photojournalism of an upcoming indie film project
  • Image submission of your own art
  • Essay about grassroots issues
  • A review of your favorite independent film
  • A bedroom photo study
  • The gatekeeping culture of indie artists
  • Nostalgia revival writing piece

Who can I contact for enquiries?

Contact via our email address, [email protected]

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