101: How to complete COVIDSafe 2022 Module

Another year, another module.

Here is a step by step guide to completing your COVIDSafe 2022 Module to gain access to RMIT campuses as a student.

This module is a mandatory requirement to complete before coming on campus to RMIT, and all students planning must complete before their student card will grant them access into buildings.

How do I enrol in the course if it isn’t already on Canvas?

  1. Open your student email through Outlook.
  2. Locate an email titled ‘Reminder – Mandatory COVIDSafe campus protocols for students’ sent by RMIT University
  3. Click a hyperlink titled ‘2022 COVIDSafe Training Module is now available through Canvas’
  4. You will be taken to an external site, where a blue button on the bottom left corner will say ‘enrol’, click this button to enrol.
  5. Log into Canvas online or via the Canvas app.
  6. The module will appear on your home page.
COVIDSafe Training 2022 Module on RMIT Canvas


Now that the enrolment into the class is completed, it will take 10-15 minutes to complete the quizzes to allow access to campus.

On top of this, new students require to send their proof of vaccination document to RMIT Connect via a hyperlink in the email mentioned previously.

Article written by Jasper Cohen-Hunter

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