Let’s Get Consensual: Ask Your Questions!

We’re finally back on campus! 

As we all settle into uni life, RUSU have launched Let’s Get Consensual Week, an initiative raising awareness on respectful relationships and sex.

As uni students, our lives can be pretty hectic. We constantly have readings to complete, events to attend and things we are always catching up on. But in the business of everything, the importance of learning about, practicing and implementing healthy relationships and safe sex can fall behind. 

When was the last time you chatted to someone about relationship boundaries?

What constitutes a ‘respectful relationship’?

Is it ‘normal’ to feel this way, to think this, to do this?

In collaboration with Compass, Catalyst are offering the opportunity to get all your questions on all things sex and relationships answered. Compass is RMIT students avenue for support, listening and providing help for students struggling with mental health and other personal issues. All questions submitted will be fully anonymous and answered by Compass leaders Thea and Jenna, two fantastic social workers who are keen to offer guidance on whatever you are curious or concerned about.

Have a question about relationships and sex you want answered? Head to the form HERE to submit. 

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