Oh No! 2 more days to drop/change/enrol a class at RMIT!

Have you heard of the census date?

The Census date is the most important date on the RMIT calender, it means this is the last day in your semester that you can drop, change or enrol to a class.

When is the census date?

The census date for RMIT Higher Education Semester 1 2022 is the 31st of March.

What do I have to do before March 31st?

Before census date, you must pay for any class you are enrolled into, or it will be automatically deferred to HECS-HELP loan. Otherwise until March 31st you are free to drop a class, enrol or change an elective.

I am an international student, does this apply to me?

Yes, the census date is important to all students of RMIT. However international students may be affected to pay penalty fees if a course is dropped after March 31st.

Is the Student Services and Amenities Fee (SAFF) included?

Yes. All outstanding fees to RMIT are included unless you have applied for a HECS/HELP Loan.

Article Written by Jasper Cohen-Hunter

Photo by Mitchell Luo on Unsplash

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