Five RMIT Clubs You Didn’t Know Existed

Joining a club is one of the best ways to get involved in student life. Almost every discipline has an association you can be part of at RMIT: there’s the Media and Communications Collective, the Architecture Student Collective, the Biosciences Society, and the list goes on and on. However, here is a list of five RMIT clubs you may not have heard of, that you can still sign up for and try something new!

Life Drawing Club

Don’t be intimidated by the fantastic sketches on their Instagram. RMIT’s Life Drawing Club isn’t just open to amazing Picasso’s, but to any student regardless of drawing experience. Every Friday night, the club hosts an untutored life drawing session from 6-8pm at the RMIT City campus. The weekly events cost $10 to join, and you can also become a member of the club for $10. Why not try it out?

Surfing Club

Surf’s up! RMIT’s Surfing Club is open all year round, even in the colder months. With the opportunity to meet new people from different degrees and surf the best waves in Victoria (including in places like Cape Paterson, Wye River and Phillip Island), if you’ve ever wanted to learn how to surf, this could be the place to start. Memberships are $20 for students, with plans for upcoming camping trips and parties for 2022.

Zine Club

Zines are a fantastic creative outlet for your writing and art. Newly established, RMIT’s Zine Club memberships are $10, with art supplies and printing provided for members to help bring their imaginative, 90s zine dreams to life.

Reflection Collective

Aspiring photographer or just love to document the world around you? RMIT’s Reflection Collective is a club for photographers of all expertise to develop their camera and photography skills. The club hosts photowalks around the city and suburbs, masterclasses with industry professionals and also holds photography competitions year round.

Literature Society (L.O.R.E)

RMIT’s Literature Society is the club to join if you love all things books and writing. The club holds writing competitions, lectures by authors and publishing professionals, online and in-person catch-ups, and has a dedicated Discord server for members. This one’s for the writers, poets and students who actually do the readings.

Check out all the clubs RMIT has to offer here.

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