Federal Election called: You have 7 days to enrol

Did you know that once a federal election has been called, you only have 7 days (from today) to update your enrolment, or to enrol for the first time.

If you have recently change your place or residence, legally changed your name or moved to a different electorate, these are all valid reason to update your enrolment.

This morning, the Federal Election has been called for May 21st, which means that if you are not enrolled to vote you have until 18th of April to do so.

How do I enrol to vote?

Enrolling to vote with the AEC (Australian Electoral Commission) is simple.

First visit https://aec.gov.au/enrol/ to check your eligibility to vote.

To be eligible to vote:

You must be 18 years of age or older,

An Australian Citizen,

And lived at your address for atleast a month.

(Note: 16 and 17 year olds are allowed to enrol but cannot vote, so listen up).

What proof of identity do I need?

To prove your identity to enrol to vote, you must supply a valid Australian drivers licence, passport number, or be referenced by someone that is already enrolled to the AEC.

(Keypasses, Proof of Age Cards are not valid.)

I’m not sure if I’m enrolled or my details are correct? How do I know?

Thankfully, the AEC has created a site to check if you are enrolled to vote. https://check.aec.gov.au/

I have just moved address, how do I update my enrolment?

Provided by the AEC, ‘When you move house, or if you change your name, you must update your details on the electoral roll. You can also update or correct other personal details e.g. mobile number, email etc.’

The AEC has a form provided to update any information you may need to in the next 7 days here.

Article Written by Jasper Cohen-Hunter

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