Sydney University Staff to Strike for 48 hours

‘It’s a strong move to open our industrial campaign with a 48-hour strike,’ said the president of the University of Sydney NTEU branch, Dr Nick Riemer. ‘But our members have had enough – of casualisation, of overbearing managerial control, of job insecurity, of overwork, and they’re determined to do something about it.’

NTEU members at Sydney University have strongly endorsed industrial action at a 350 mass meeting this week. At the meeting, members of staff from USyd planned to strike on dates May 11th and 12th with further strikes planned in the following month.

The Strike came from an overwhelming two-thirds majority vote to strike for 48 hours to protest the end of exploitation of insecure work at USyd.

NSW Secretary of NTEU Dr Damien Cahill said in statement, “The University of Sydney is structurally dependent on insecure employment. We’ve seen the devastating consequences of this throughout the pandemic. Sydney University is a very wealthy institution, it can afford to convert significant amounts of insecure employment into ongoing jobs and at the same time give staff a fair pay rise’.


The USyd Education Action Group and the NTEU held a rally today to call for free education and support staff strikes.

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What is the NTEU?

NTEU stands for the National Tertiary Education Union, and represents casual to full-time staff of Australian Universities. NTEU currently has an office and position in all Australian Universities, and is primarily focused on maintaining workers rights for staff in Tertiary Education.

Does RMIT have an NTEU branch?

Yes, all Universities have connection to the NTEU as it is the only representative body of University staff.

If you are an employee of a University or work at a University campus, visit

Article Written by Jasper Cohen-Hunter

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