Get Involved at SYN!

From the hottest local hits to riveting conversation around anything, really — SYN is the place for all things youth radio.

Maybe you’re keen on listening to interviews with Aussie indie greats on The Hoist, or the best in music over at Sunday Sweets. Either way, there’s always something new to add to your playlist, thanks to SYN.

SYN has a strong community of listeners, producers and hosts. The best part is, it’s incredibly easy to get involved, including training sessions and a bunch of opportunities you can get into right away. Volunteers can host their own show or contribute to an existing one; write reviews; pitch their own podcast… the list goes on!

Getting involved at SYN is a fantastic way to gain industry experience and just get your work and passion for media and music out there. Go for it!!

For more information, head here.

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