Submissions are now OPEN for Issue 4: ‘Every Where’

RMIT Catalyst welcomes you to submit to our fourth issue of the year, ‘Every Where’

The publication loves to feature all:

  • Writing 200-600 words (Articles, Editorials, Features, Creative Writing, Poetry, etc.)
  • Interviews
  • Digital Art
  • Photography
  • Painting (Watercolour, Oil, etc.)
  • Drawing (Graphite, Pencil, Colour)
  • Collages

All image submissions to Catalyst must be in a portrait orientation, 300 dpi and submitted in PDF file format. This is to ensure the highest quality print.

All writing submissions must be in PDF or DOCX format, with a preferred name of the writer at the bottom.

Submit to Issue Four: Every Where Online Form

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Background image by Kelly Lim


FAQ – 

What is ‘Every Where’?

Spaces make us. Places remind us.
Our environments, the air we breathe, the people that surround us. It means everything.

It’s the stinging feeling of the freezing water as it pains your skin in summer.
It’s the scratchy turning of a vinyl in your favourite record store.
It’s the scent of your mum’s cooking radiating through your childhood home.
It’s the local park where you had your first kiss.
It’s that trip to Europe you took in your gap year.
It’s the sweaty mosh at a gig.

It’s the reminder you get when you’re in a space, that life is here and there’s no choice but to surrender to it. Your senses engaged, your heart fluttering, your mind running. It’s in an ocean; a crowd; a forest; a foreign city; your street. It’s an inescapable escapism.

It’s Every Where.

What are some ideas of material to submit?

Some prompts for this issue:

  • Personal essays on a place that means a lot to you
  • A dive into a historical site
  • A guide to Hidden Gems in Melbourne
  • Abandoned buildings
  • Film sets
  • Interior design styles
  • Historical and modern architecture
  • Your idea of ‘home’
  • film, book, album reviews
  • Get creative! Poetry about specific spaces, creative fiction

We’re so excited to see what you do!

Who can I contact for more enquiries?

Contact us via our email address, [email protected]

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