Submissions are now OPEN for Issue 5: ‘Curtain Call’

RMIT Catalyst welcomes you to submit to our fifth and final issue of the year, ‘Curtain Call’

The publication loves to feature all:

  • Writing 200-600 words (Articles, Editorials, Features, Creative Writing, Poetry, etc.)
  • Interviews
  • Digital Art
  • Photography
  • Painting (Watercolour, Oil, etc.)
  • Drawing (Graphite, Pencil, Colour)
  • Collages

All image submissions to Catalyst must be in a portrait orientation, 300 dpi and submitted in PDF file format. This is to ensure the highest quality print.

All writing submissions must be in PDF or DOCX format, with a preferred name of the writer at the bottom.

Submit to Issue Four: Every Where Online Form

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FAQ – 

What is ‘Curtain Call’?

You know that realisation when something; a moment, relationship, chapter, has come to an end? That strange, exploratory energy in the air, when you know something won’t be as it once was? It could be the moment the lights turn on at the end of a concert; when a friendship broke up; when you decided to change directions; the last time you stepped foot in a place or saw a certain person. The ending, the finale. The ceasing of something.

For the last issue of 2022, we welcome you to write on the too-soon goodbye, what you wish you could’ve said, how far you have come and where you’ve got to go. It’s vast yet vague, so write, create, photograph whatever these words translate to you.

Have fun with this one. Be sappy, be proud, be sentimental. 

What are some ideas of material to submit?

  • The end of an era (a breakup, new job, new city)
  • Recounting a chapter in history (trends, activisms, films)
  • The finale (of a TV show, artists last album, etc)
  • Pop Culture (TV shows that never got a proper ending, Bands that broke up – The Beatles, BTS?, One Direction)
  • the end of the trend cycle
  • Film/theatre reviews

We’re so excited to see what you do!

Who can I contact for more enquiries?

Contact us via our email address, [email protected]

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