NINGLA-ANA returns to cinemas in the 50th anniversary of the Aboriginal Tent Embassy

On January 25th 1972, Prime Minister William McMahon declared that under his government, First Nations land rights would not be recognised. What followed the next night, was the protest by four First Nations men, who all travelled from Redfern to Canberra to protest outside Parliament House with a beach umbrella, calling the action the ‘Aboriginal embassy’.

‘NINGLA-ANA’ is the historic documentary detailing a close, on-the-ground look into the Aboriginal Tent Embassy as it all unfolded. The film offers an unparalleled insight into how the iconic protest action influenced the Land Rights movement, and also serves as a reminder of the ongoing fight for justice for First Nations peoples. 

The film was first screened in tiny venues that had bean bags for seating. Now, in it’s 50th anniversary, the documentary will be screening at cinemas nationally, thanks to a crowdfunding project earlier this year to restore the original, which was badly deteriorating and at threat of being lost forever.

‘NINGLA-ANA’ will be screening at Cinema Nova on the 30th of September, with a live discussion panel of guests including host Professor Gary Foley, Senator Lidia Thorpe and author Tony Birch. The film will also screen on the 2nd of October, with a panel including host Professor Gary Foley, musician/rapper Rulla Kelly Mansell and actress Rachel Maza. 

To purchase tickets to a Nova screening, head to the link here.

Image courtesy National Archives of Australia

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