Chinese Film Week Review

I was lucky enough to grab tickets to two – that’s right two – nights for the recent Chinese Film Week, an event that ran from the 23rd till the 29th of September.

Following my recent growing love for east Asian dramas and films, when given this opportunity, I jumped to be able to explore the various film stories from China. I attended the Tuesday and Thursday screenings, which were 1921 and Hold Your Hand respectively. Both unique and intriguing films, they offered an interesting uncovering of Chinese culture.

1921 was based around the rise of the Chinese Communist Party, and whilst it has gained recent and justifiable criticism in recent years, it was insightful to explore in the film where and how things began. Just an overall well-written and well-carried out film with many characters and emotions that worked well. The other film, Hold Your Hand, had a story that was rather straight-forward, following an older veteran and his endeavours to help his family and others within their small town get out of poverty and into wealth and stability. I was lost in the gorgeous scenery depicting a small remote section of central China’s Huan province, as was portrayed by well-done cinematography.

One thing I will also mention was the hospitality and environment within the cinema. Everyone was so kind and lively, simply being present and enjoying the films, and offering explanations for anything I may’ve been unsure about. The staff were also sweet and welcoming, ensuring a steady viewing of the film and just a general lovely interaction. I would recommend this event to anyone interested in Chinese culture or even just wanting a good film experience and time. I will be looking forward to this event when it occurs again, for sure.

Written by Nishtha Sharma

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