Melbourne Fringe Festival

There are cities that never sleep, and then there are cities that never not have a festival on. Melbourne is the latter. 

With the end of the year nearing and the sun only just beginning to shine more often than not, it feels no better time than now to wrap up all those university assignments and work commitments. Take a couple of nights off and instead spend them with the vibrant arts and culture scene this city has to offer, because – lo and behold – Melbourne Fringe Festival is here! The performing arts festival is back in full swing with an array of events, performances, plays and parties on the calendar from now until the 23rd of October. With over 450 events, from drag to comedy to theatre to circus, there’s bound to be something at Fringe for anyone and everyone’s fringe interests.  

Via Melbourne Fringe Festival website

I was lucky enough to catch Olive Weeks’ debut play A Play About Ivy, that is really About June at St Kilda’s Theatre Works last week as part of the festival. The play is a coming of age tale centred on friends Ivy and June and their dynamic – and at times troubled – relationship as it unfolds within the perimeters of their cosy apartment. The show made for tremendous viewing for the kind of people it felt specifically about – young Melbourne creatives sharing the confines of their homes with their best mates. Both fervently relatable yet wholly original, A Play About Ivy, that is really About June explores memory, friendship, growing up and, ultimately, love, in all its different forms. Although already finished its run at Fringe, this theatre performance is only a snapshot of the kind of stellar local talent Melbourne’s festival has on offer. 

With a little under two weeks left of events and only limited tickets available, book what you can get your hands on of these performances while you can. Uni assignments can wait and work won’t mind if you call in another sickie – supporting and celebrating the local talent this city is so lucky to be able to showcase is a treat worth more than any bad mark or trouble with your boss.  

You can suss the full Fringe program here!

Article written by Juliette Salom

Header image courtesy of Melbourne Fringe Festival / Tanya Voltchanskaya

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