Melbourne International Comedy Festival: Mel & Sam’s High Pony

Mel & Sam’s High Pony is something we can only describe as Queer Madness.

High Pony is Mel O’Brien and Samantha Andrews’ third live show since the chaotic music-comedy duo began, as part of the International Comedy Festival. Mel and Sam’s Melbourne showcase launched on the back of their new brand new podcast series on Spotify, which is full of heinous, hyper-local shits and gigs that have the two of us in tears every episode. So when we were given the opportunity to go and watch their show at the Toff in Town, we couldn’t resist.

High Pony’s media release really did not give much away. In fact, we had absolutely no idea of the queer cabaret chaos that was about to ensue. At the show’s commencement, Mel O’Brien warns us that it was set nowhere, a contrast from their previous shows. With the concept of “What happens when Annie the Orphan, a cannibal (non-derogatory) and the entire Sandringham under 25s netball team walk into a bar … ?”, we weren’t quite sure what we were about to witness. What followed Mel’s heads up is 60 minutes of music and dance, with each number more ridiculous than the one before. The show starts off strong with “Net-fucking-ball,” a ludicrously clever double entendre about the serious game of netball, that had the entire room in tears of laughter.

When we say this comedy show is niche, we truly mean it. If you’re not a born-and-raised Melbourne local, a lot of these jokes may fly over your head – but you’ll enjoy the vibes nonetheless. These curated jokes were so funny that Mel and Sam had the audience in absolute stitches, so much that the squeals of laughter in the corner booth were just as funny as the show itself.

With a script bordering on outrageous (take with that what you will), this iconic duo served everything from your childhood nightmares to your local lifeguard’s homophobia. We never thought we’d hear about an eshay’s deepest desires to become a florist or ballerina, but we sure did. Wally’s desperate pleas to be seen had the audience transfixed (and crying with laughter) with an emotional ballad – we’ll be searching for him extra hard in the next Where’s Wally? edition.

While the end went a little over our heads (neither of us have watched Annie so we weren’t quite sure why she’s now a Trump supporter), we enjoyed every single minute of the show nonetheless. If you’re wondering what comedy show you should go and watch before the festival is over, this is the one you absolutely cannot miss.

You can see High Pony every Tuesday to Sunday at The Toff in Town until the 9th April, but you better be quick, because these two are selling out fast. If you miss out, be sure to check out their podcast on Spotify for a guaranteed laugh.

Written by India Curtain and Alyssa Forato

Header Image via Mel and Sam

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