11 Things Customers Have Gotten Upset About and Why They’re (not) My Fault

Working is a great way to meet new people, to upskill, to learn new skills and to build up your CV for your life after the degree. If you’re new to the country/city or just looking for your first job, chances are it’ll be a customer-facing job. 

Ask anyone who works in retail or hospo and they’ve probably got a story or two – so here are a few of mine.

They ordered unsalted fries and they didn’t have salt on them.
My bad, I should have known that they would change their mind. 

I couldn’t make them an extra-hot iced latte.
I should have tried harder, maybe used non-melting ice or something.

Their card declined.
Before they jumped in line I should have reminded them to transfer money into their account or even better, transfer it to them myself.

I wouldn’t sell them a strawberry ice cream (we don’t sell them).
This is 100% my fault – I should have personally gone out to the supermarket to accommodate their request.

They paid by card and I couldn’t accept their “keep the change”.
Self-explanatory, my fault. I should have just let them.

They forgot their loyalty card.
My fault – I really should have called before they left the house to remind them to bring it.

I checked whether their $100 note was real.
Honestly, I really should have just taken their word for it – who am I to question its validity?

My name is Jack (my name is not Jack).
Totally my bad – I should just not radiate “Jack” energy?

They didn’t get the food they didn’t order.
I forgot to turn my psychic abilities on for this one. I’ll do better next time and just know what they want to order!

They squeezed their milkshake and it went everywhere.
When handing it to them, I should have made it a point to tell them not to squeeze it.

I couldn’t change the pre-mix ice cream in the machine to be dairy-free.
I should have just pulled the whole machine apart or even better, bought a whole new machine and made a brand-new ice cream mix from scratch.

The reality is that some people suck – not all, but definitely some. Even though it can feel a bit gross at the time, sometimes you can have a really good laugh afterward.

By Louis Harrison Catalyst Editor

Header via Unsplash – Nafinia Putra

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