Fangirl Correspondent: Cats

There are some really serious parts of the internet.

Then there are also the parts of the internet that consist entirely of cats.

Whether it’s with GIFS, memes or YouTube clips, cats are perhaps the most successful animals online.

One of the most prominent recent examples is that of the Grumpy Cat, a feline whose permanently displeased expression has spawned thousands of memes and over 800,000 likes on Facebook.

And she has a manager. THERE IS A CAT, WITH A MANAGER. And a schedule, weekly photoshoots,  Twitter, YouTube, and an official website.


Some believe that the phenomenon can be explained by science and psychology.

Whatever it is, there’s just something about cats that the internet thrives on.

It might be their similarity to people (ever wondered what the Game of Thrones cast would look like as cats?) or just that some of the stuff they can do is insane and hilarious at the same time.

As I mentioned in my post about YouTube last week, a lot of users online are highly effective procrastinators and cat videos are yet another online feature that can and will happily take up hours of your time.

I mean, come on. Cats can climb up walls and do all sorts of awesome stuff that all us humans probably secretly wish we could do.

When I was younger, movies like the Aristocats were super popular, and I have met many a small child who wishes they were a cat instead of a person (although that may just be more concerning than anything else).

Even dog people will get a laugh out of cats online, and many a successful marketing online campaign has been made or broken by whether or not it utilised cats.

Sites like Twitter, Imgur, Tumblr and Facebook have made the sharing of videos and images a lot simpler, meaning that we can have more cats ALL OF THE TIME.

I suppose the fascination with cats could be part of the notion of only appreciating things about the world when they’re put right in front of you (thanks to the internet).

I’ve never seen a cat in real life do any of the stuff they seem to do on YouTube, but there’s still a chance.

Maybe all cats have a secret desire to be crazy internet famous. Who knows?!

All I know is that they’re really entertaining, and I’m pretty thankful that cats on the internet is a thing.

To brighten your day, please enjoy the video below. If you have any wonderfully hilarious cat-related things to share, let me know in the comments below!

P.S. If you haven’t seen it already, be sure to check out this Tumblr blog. So many LOLs.

Kara Gibbons


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