Comedy Review: Twice Shy

It has taken me nearly three weeks to write a review of Twice Shy. I’ve been selfishly keeping its existence under wraps. I apologise.

I felt I had to distance myself from the champagne bubble euphoria I felt when sharing the lives of Jonathon and Rosemary for a day/40 minutes.

You would never have believed me if I ranted enthusiastically and told you going to see Twice Shy was my best night out in March! Thats saying even more if you know me well; my birthday is in March.

Twice Shy is the awkward realities of life and relationships packed into one hilariously sweet forty minute skit.

“Life is made up of millions of insignificant moments”, says the voiceover as it tells you it’s 6:31am. You know that today’s nothing moments have been written into the script in stars as destiny driven coincidences.

Two extremely talented actors, Shannon Woodford (Romemary) and Joel Checkley (Jonathon) play out two fairly mundane, separate lives.

Rosemary is struggling with her demanding, sexist boss Richard and her pants-wetting elderly neighbour, whilst Jonathon goes to work in the museum as a palaeontologist.

He is caring for his poor, stroke-surviving goldfish, whilst failing to avoid his intensely crushing colleague and heroine addicts on the tram.

These same actors run through all the stereotypes of Melbourne, cleverly shifting roles from the mo-fro loving hairdresser from Sunshine to the druggy on the grass outside the State Library.

The LOOP Bar must also get a mention for being so accommodating. The couches – not chairs – and the feel-good floral bunting make the performance endearingly intimate and the journey to Meyers Place 100 per cent worth it.

This show finishes its stint at the Comedy Festival THIS THURSDAY so make sure you go see Twice Shy.

It will be the best $15 you spend on yourself this week. Tonight and tomorrow, 10:30pm!

Emily Westmoreland


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