Hashtag: Ten Reasons Why the World Needs Student Magazines

1. The Herald Sun.

2. Experience! Getting published! Exposure!

3. You might meet someone with similar interests. And who knows, you might end up being best friends. Or you could find yourselves stumbling home one night, lips smashing together like atoms in a Swedish particle collider.

4. Student publications help you add things to your resume besides “likes eating food” and “has a sound knowledge of social media”.

5. You get to (pretty much) write what you want and the editors (pretty much) get to do what they want. In the real world, this rarely happens. The best you’re gonna get after awkward student magazine launches with free alcohol is an office with a half-empty cookie jar.

6. The editors get to practise shouting at people, you get to practise shouting at people, everyone gets to practise shouting at people. And by the end of it you all have beautiful husky voices and make a fortune working at a call centre for one of those snazzy insurance companies.

7. After slamming you with extra fees, providing snarky service and making you work super hard, you get to

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bite back at the university. Which is kind of like setting a Chihuahua loose on a polar bear, but still. It’s the little things in life that matter.

8. You get to write anonymous sex-advice columns where you detail that time you slept with a Canadian who wanted you to pee on him. Or the American who you later found out was a Republican. The list goes on.

9. Journalism students get to practise thrashing out articles at 3am in their pyjamas. (If that isn’t emblematic of adulthood, I don’t know what is.)

10. The Herald Sun.

Broede Carmody


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