Shoestring Melbourne: Museums, Museums, Museums!

So, we’re coming in to the final stretch of Shoestring Melbourne, so I’m going to start doing things a little differently and instead of detailing specific places, I’ll list a few you should consider in your further travels, broken up over the next few weeks.

In the final week, I’ll probably list a few of my favorite places again, just to really push my own preferences on you … well, more than I already have been.

Anyhow, because I haven’t quite sold on you the idea that cultural sites are not only all over Melbourne, but of interest to me, I’ll give you a run down of the other museums about the place.

Not all of them have free entry, but unless you’ve been following my articles and doing all the things every week, which would be as cool as it would be weird, you’ll have all the time in the world to get money together for the ones you’re interested in.

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So, let’s kick off with the Koorie Heritage Trust Cultural Centre, located around the Latrobe/King

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corner on 295 King St, which houses collections of artifacts and stories of Aboriginal Australia and a couple of exhibitions of current Indigenous and Torres Strait Islander artists’ works.

Moving East to 800 Flinders St and the Immigration Museum some of you might have seen while waiting for trains to pull in to Flinders St Station. Nearby, in Federation Square, is Champions, the Racing Museum, which is somewhat self-explanatory in its purview.

Heading North, near the Old Melbourne Goal which I’ve mentioned before, is the Chinese Museum hidden away a bit at 22 Cohen Pl, between Lonsdale and Little Lonsdale.

On the western border of the CBD, near Parliament Station, are the Treasury Gardens which house the Old Treasury Museum which is free, but only open on Sundays and Public Holidays, and finally, to the south of there, is the Sports Museum which is housed in the MCG itself.

So, there’s a varied list of places to have a look at and I’ll be back next week with another collection of interesting places to check out.

Alastair Collins


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