Fangirl Correspondent: "Previously, on …"

This week, fangirls (and fanboys) the world over are a little bit shaken up, to say the least

The Whovians are feeling a little sensitive about the announcement regarding the future of their beloved bow-tie-wearing Time Lord

Those of you who are up-to-date on your episodes of this season of Game of Thrones … Well, let’s just say that you might be in need of a hug

There, now

Feeling better?

If you’ve still got exams and assessments coming up at the moment, I’m sorry

You should check out  

And by “TV shows” I actually mean “trashy reality televisions shows that my mum would probably disapprove of”

Love it or hate it, reality television has been slowly overtaking our screens for years now

In between cooking competitions, talent shows, 'structured' dramatic reality series and COPS,  there’s surely a reality show to suit everyone

Or is there?

Personally, I love a bit of the old Kardashian clan

There’s just something about seeing Kim cry over losing a diamond earring in the ocean and then being reminded by her sister that there are people dying in the world that I can really connect to

(I wish I was kidding, but seriously guys, I CAN’T HELP BUT KEEP UP WITH THEM, IT’S LIKE I’VE JOINED A CULT


For me, reality television is an escape

An addictive escape, at that

Even though I can become similarly invested in other television shows that are fictional, knowing that these are real people going through 'real life' trials and tribulations really just sucks me in, and I end up watching an entire season in one night

But of course, reality television isn’t strictly limited to the likes of the Kardashians or the Jonas Brothers or the generally rich and famous/shameless (ahem, the casts of Jersey Shore, Made in Chelsea and The Only Way Is Essex – I’m looking at you

So much fake tan, far out)

The element of competition gives any reality show a whole other edge

Whether it be the introduction of diary-room style confessions, the forming of alliances or all manner of devious tactics to ensure that you get that rose at the ceremony or continue on your journey on America’s Next Top Model, seeing people plot against each other in all manner of ridiculous challenges is more entertaining than if you saw it happening on the street

I was in Myer a few weeks ago and stumbled across the filming of a challenge for the current season of The Block – safe to say it was actually really boring in real life, but once you watch it with all the ridiculous pop music and mental breakdowns, well THAT is quality television

There seems to be a bit of a negative perception of people who openly admit to watching reality TV shows

Some people are utterly confused by the entire concept and can’t quite understand what exactly it is that the Kardashians are famous for, or why people care so much about why Heidi and Lauren aren’t friends any more (throwback to The Hills, oh yes I did


Some might think that the lack of intellectually stimulating content in reality television is potentially psychologically harmful, and it very well may be … But hey, if it makes you happy, just keep watching

Unless you’re a Sherlockian and only get three episodes a year

That’s got to be tough

Now, if you’re unfamiliar with the world of reality television, please allow me (and some of my friends on Facebook and Twitter) to introduce you to the mind-numbing brilliance of it all

If you’ve finished uni/school/whatever it is that you do and claim that you “don’t have time” to watch at least one season of something, you’re lying

Keeping Up With The Kardashians, The Only Way Is Essex, The Real Housewives franchise,  Police Ten 7 and The Bachelorette have the highest of recommendations from my peers

Embrace it

You know you want to

Kara Gibbons

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