Film Review: This Is The End

It had been a while since the last time I caught a flick at the cinemas – my body was ready. I couldn’t help to expect usual Seth Rogen antics out of the movie that marks his directorial debut with best friend Evan Goldberg. And that is just what I got.

This Is The End is set in Tinsel Town where Rogen and company are celebrating at James Franco’s house warming – naturally, marijuana, alcohol and other drugs are in attendance.

But the partying soon ends at the curse of the apocalypse’s strike; leaving Seth Rogen, Jonah Hill, James Franco, Danny McBride, Jay Baruchel and Craig Robinson trapped in Franco’s new mansion.

While the world outside is turned upside down, the story follows the group’s survival where their friendships are put to the test as supplies dwindle and patience is tested. And in playing hyperbolised versions of their real life personalities, it makes the journey all the more humorous.

The combination of humour and horror is executed quite well in This Is The End; Rogen and Goldberg do well to fuse the two genres.

The skin-to-skin encounter of Michael Cera’s palm to Rihanna’s backside is a sight for sore eyes, and once Jonah Hill is possessed by the devil all hell breaks lose inside. For the most part there are many scenes that leave you thinking only one thing: what the fuck?

This Is The End: a good film, not a great film. If you’re hung over (and thus temporarily mentally incapacitated) and can’t be bothered engrossing in a complex plot, set aside 107 minutes and give it a whirl.

Also, here's our roundtable with Seth Rogen if you missed it.

Nathan Stanogias



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