Trailer Trash: Ola!

Welcome to Trailer Trash!

I’m Jayden Masciulli and I’m very excited to be blogging for Catalyst this semester. While I would love to be able to write a series of topical, intelligent posts about current affairs and ethical issues, I’m afraid I am the ultimate of ignorant Gen Y-ers, and know nothing about the upcoming election or dying polar bears or the fancy Melbourne bars where you pay $13 to drink your cider out of a jar.

Instead I’ll be blogging about something that everyone can relate to, and one of the only things I have a relatively decent knowledge of – film. Pictures. Flicks. Magical moving images. Whatever you call them, Trailer Trash (get the name now? GET IT?) is here to provide a semester’s worth of news, reviews, opinions and inappropriately placed GIFs.

I suppose if this blog were a movie, right now would be the point where the MGM lion roars at you, credits scroll across some scenic city shots and you’re hoping to God that the next two hours hasn’t been a waste of your $18 – not including the jumbo sized popcorn you just spilled on your lap. (Or is that just me?)

Before I get stuck into the real stuff, it might be best if you got to know me a little better. I’m a second-year Creative Writing student, majoring in Screenwriting, here at RMIT. I’ve always had a passion for film and television, and hope to one day build a career in it.

I’m a big comedy fan, so a lot of my film choices tend to stray towards the humorous side of things. I’m also a fairly positive sort of person, so don’t expect any scathing film reviews from me – I appreciate movies for what they are. I couldn’t give you one ‘best’ film either – my favourites vary between everything from action blockbusters (Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy) to ’80s classics (Back to the Future, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off); clever comedies (Juno, Little Miss Sunshine) to well-written dramas (The Social Network, Moneyball, Argo); animated sensations (Finding Nemo, Up) to some potentially embarrassing ones (School of Rock, National Lampoon’s Vacation). Then of course, there’s Hitchcock. Tarantino. Harry Potter. Oh, it’s too hard.

I look forward to sharing my love of film with you all, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I’ll love writing it. I’d also love to hear your input and feedback – what you think of the movies I review, your recommendations, where I should shove my opinion, etc. Just leave me a comment or follow me on Twitter at @jaymasciulli.

Also, conveniently timed for the start of this blog, the Melbourne International Film Festival (or MIFF for the cool cats) is running until this Sunday August 11. There are over 300 films playing at a bunch of different venues around the city, so there’s plenty to choose from. I’ll report back next week with my experience of it.

See you soon, amigos!

Jayden Masciulli


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