Trailer Trash: Why School of Rock Is The Greatest

Jack Black and the cast of 2003’s School of Rock reunited over the weekend for the film’s tenth anniversary at an event in Texas. Here are some photos of them then and now:



Just to clarify – tenth anniversary. Yes, TEN YEARS. Where has my life gone? I still remember sitting in the cinemas (twice actually) watching what would soon become one of my all time favourite films, and wishing that Jack Black would take over my class at school and teach me to be a rock star. I’ve seen the film countless times since then, and can pretty much quote the whole thing off by heart. And the best part? Nobody really has a bad thing to say about it – it’s one of those films that everybody can

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enjoy and relate to. So why is it such a well-regarded favourite? I will tell you why Joe. (Gabe. Gabe.) 1) JACK BLACK AT HIS JACK BLACK-EST. (Not racist, by the way.) School of Rock was literally written for the man himself, and his offbeat charm and crazy antics shine through as Dewey Finn, aka Mr. Schneebly. (Actually it’s Schnay-blay.) While his occasional turns to serious acting in King Kong and Bernie are notable, it’s his original charismatic self that makes this film a standout, and something you don’t often see nowadays from Black outside of Tenacious D. 2) LET'S ROCK, LET'S ROCK TODAY. The music in School of Rock is enough to bring out the inner rock God in anyone. Led Zeppelin, ACDC and Stevie Nicks all feature on the “face-melting” soundtrack, while the original songs played by the band, Teacher’s Pet and Step Off, are equal parts catchy and hilarious. Not to mention the killer cover of Long Way To The Top that plays alongside the credits. 3) KIDS STICKING IT TO THE MAN. There’s something so great about watching privileged ten-year-olds go wild. Especially a pre-iCarly Miranda Cosgrove. Some meaningful chords are struck too (pun intended) – Zach believing in himself and his music, Lawrence breaking out of his shell and Tamika finding confidence beyond her self-image to sing. The kids are what make this film so great, and make you wish you were a part of the band. (Or was that just me?) 4) IT'S OBVIOUSLY HILARIOUS. There are so many one-liners and scenes that are laugh-out-loud funny, and so quotable that they’ve entered into my everyday conversation. Math Is A Wonderful Thing. Cello, you got bass. No, it means I was drunk yesterday. You’re tacky and I hate you. I could go on. 5) JOAN CUSACK. Because Joan Cusack. For dancing drunk on a table to Stevie Nicks and for the one line that steals the show – I’ve just been informed that all of your children are missing. The School Of Rock reunion has hit me right in the childhood. Never has there been a film that brings such a sense of joy and nostalgia to me as this one. If you’ve never seen it before, go watch it now. If you have seen it umpteen times like myself, my advice still applies. Now excuse me as I go relive my youth, stick it to the man and accept how old I actually am. tumblr_mp5sbh4g7q1rosjgco1_500 Jayden Masciulli



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