2013 RUSU Elections: Your Union, Your Choice by Nathan Stanogias

So, what is RUSU?

Established in around 1944, the RMIT University Student Union (RUSU) is a representative body whose aim is to ensure the welfare of RMIT students throughout their tertiary journey. RUSU is the only fully independent student organisation at RMIT, and is governed by 25 elected student representatives.

RUSU exists to advance the educational, social and cultural activities across all of RMIT’s Melbourne campuses. RUSU offers a range of services to its students: clubs and societies, student rights advocacy, women’s rights advocacy, events on campus, queer and post-graduate lounges, and your student publication Catalyst.

About the elections:

Voting in this election will use the optional preferential and (or) optional proportional representation methods. Optional proportional representation will be the method of counting for those positions where more than one candidate is elected. If you want to vote but don’t actually want to vote for every position – that’s fine – you don’t have to vote for every candidate.

For each person you want to give your vote to give a [1] next to their name for top preference, a [2] for second preference, and so on. General Representatives and National Union of Students (NUS) delegates are proportionally elected (just like the Senate), while other positions such as Womyn’s officer or Catalyst have a single winner. For this year’s elections, Mr Doug Wellington is the Returning Officer.

Who to vote for?

Two tickets: CONNECT (30 candidates) and Progressive Focus (14 candidates).

RUSU’s current President James Michelmore talks about CONNECT, and why you should vote for them.

Kath Larkin talks about Progressive Focus, and why your vote should go their way.

For polling times (and locations) click on the image below:

Polling booths (and times)

Also, if you would like to have a look at the RMIT Student Union Constitution you can access it here.

Happy voting.

Nathan Stanogias


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