No Sauce Required: Hey, Tony!

After a hiatus of talking politics, I feel that it is time to talk about all the great achievements of the Liberal government since they got elected in September.

Gweg c’Hunt does his fact checking in Wikipedia

Newly appointed minister for the environment, Gregory Hunt – denier of climate change and probably science – thought he’d do some research and get onto this new-fangled website called Wikipedia.

What is Wikipedia, I hear you ask? Fair enough, it’s a pretty underground website. But here, if you want to read about Wikipedia, I found a link for a Wikipedia page about Wikipedia.

So anyway, Greg Hunt was interviewed by the BBC the other day. In light of the fires in New South Wales, Greg Hung was asked if he believed that the fires were partly due to climate change. His response:

“I looked up what Wikipedia said for example just to see what the rest of the world thought … and it opens up with the fact that bushfires in Australia are frequently occurring events during the hotter months of the year, large areas of land are ravaged every year by bushfires, and that’s the Australian experience.”

So, according to the rest of the world, fires happen in Australia all the time,


which is true. But they don’t usually happen at this time in the year, which is why people are saying that it’s probably linked to climate change.

My favourite bit about this story is though, is what happened to Greg Hunt’s Wikipedia page after he made these comments.

Because Wikipedia is edited by anyone, someone went in and changed any mention of “Greg” and “Hunt”, to “Gweg” and “c’Hunt” respectively.

The effort was also made to write words about how well he was doing his job:

“Since the 2013 election, Gweg has become the Minister for the Environment. He has already proven to be terrible at his job, to no surprise.”


“After the 2013 election, Hunt was appointed Environment minister under Prime Minister Tony Abbott. He was quoted as saying he uses Wikipedia for important policy research”

Oh, and:

“Hunt attended the Sydney School for Disenfranchised Girls from 1987-89, leaving early after severe bullying for the six toes he had on each foot.”

But my personal favourite is this one:

“He was raised as a eucalyptus tree and was briefly emperor of Pluto during his teens.”

This has since been changed (to my overwhelming disappointment).

Tony Abbott fights fires


ACT passes bill for same sex marriage, Liberal Party not happy

Marriage, unless it’s between man and a woman, is totally invalid, say the Liberals.

Ignoring the fact that marriage comes down to how it was defined back

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in the day when people weren’t allowed to be gay and all that crap, the High Court has to decide if the language in the constitution allows for any marriage other than heterosexual.

So basically, it’s all in the words, and how judges have come to interpret words and whether they support gay marriage or not. I’ve had a look at the arguments and I think (depending on the way subjective definitions of words are interpreted) that it really could go either way.

But hey, good on for ACT for passing that bill. The Prime Minister however, warns same-sex couples to not get married yet – because once the high court makes their decisions their marriage might be invalid. Sure.

Invalid, much like this car.

That said, Abbott maintains that rather than this whole gay-marriage-conflict-of-interest thing being a moral issue, it’s actually a very legal issue. And Tony Abbott is all about the law. Which is why he spends a lot of tax payer money illegally.

Liberals in trouble for spending taxpayer money on weddings and other shit

This feud has been going on for a few weeks, and I love it. It’s because the government is using excuses like, “Um we have to spend taxpayer money on a wedding because we have meetings there” and, “It was official business, I swear”, and “Oh shit, did I actually spend taxpayer money on that wedding? My mistake!”

The main event was of a wedding of former member for Indi (now replaced by Cathy McGowan) Sophie Mirabella.

Basically, a bunch of Liberals, including the Big PM Tonester, spent about $1000 each to “travel” to this wedding. Once this all came out a couple of weeks ago, Abbott (and the rest of the gang0) promptly paid back all the money and acted like it was really no big deal.

Since then, people have been really looking into all the government’s spending, and the Liberal Party is finding that they to make excuses each time they spend money.

All that, and they’re still calling asylum seekers “illegals”. Thus, the tweet of the week goes to Charlie Pickering.

Charlie Pickering ‏@charliepick 20 Oct
.@ScottMorrisonMP you are aware that crime rates are higher among politicians than #refugees? #callpolliesillegals #auspol


Abbott government puts $559 million into medical research

BLOODY LIBERA… oh wait, that’s really good. They did a good thing!

In other news …

Woolworths put vibrators on their shafts, I mean shelves. Two weeks later, they’re gone.

Obama has been keeping tabs on the phones of the leaders of the world. Julia Gillard don’t give a damn.

Karl Stefanovic wears some shorts today.

Blonde girl found living with gypsies. Everyone freaks out.

Bushfires in NSW – they’re showing signs of dying down now, but kudos to all the fire fighters. Even if they’re Tony Abbott.

Samantha Winnicki


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