SYN-ners take on the nation

Melbourne’s only youth-focused community radio broadcaster, SYN Media, is set to take on the country following the launch of its new digital station, SYN Nation.

Lord Mayor Robert Doyle and Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull spoke at the launch last night, which was attended by a number of SYN alumni and high-profile guests, including Greens Deputy Leader Adam Bandt.

Malcolm Turnbull – who comes from a radio background – was “thrilled” to be at the launch to celebrate SYN’s expansion.

“Young people are at the forefront of new technology and SYN Nation is a great example of that. This project is innovative in the


way it uses digital and online media and will help amplify the diverse voices of young people across this country,” Turnbull said.

10001105_10203355258621572_1926323435_oMalcolm Turnbull at the SYN Nation launch. Photo: Alan Weedon

SYN’s General Manager, Tahlia Azaria, said ever since SYN was created, young people in other parts of the country have contacted her wishing to access the opportunities that SYN provides to the youth in Melbourne.

“Now they can get involved without having to leave their town. The goal is to keep expanding the service into new communities each year so any young person, wherever they may be, can be part of this national movement of young media-makers,” Azaria said.

Formed in 2003, the Student Youth Network (SYN media) has encouraged young people to produce innovative and quality radio. In being the only community radio station to place an age constraint on its volunteers (12-25 year olds), SYN solely focuses on letting young people take charge– an opportunity that can seldom be found elsewhere.

The SYN Melbourne studios are located near Bowen street on the RMIT City Campus.

Broadcasting on 90.7 FM in Melbourne, on digital radio and live streaming on the SYN website has allowed SYN to reach thousands of listeners.

Recent statistics showed that although 15-24 year olds make up 18% of Melbourne’s overall population, this age group contributes to 54% of SYN’s audience. And with SYN media now to be broadcast across Australia – these numbers are sure to rise.

To celebrate their 10 years on air, SYN embarked on the ‘Pay for your SYNs’ project to refurbish and expand their studios at RMIT University in late 2012.

After raising tens of thousands of dollars through donations and grants, the two existing studios were refurbished, and a third studio constructed.




For more details on how you can get involved with or listen, visit

By Hashela Kumarawansa


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