Having Breaking Bad withdrawals? Miles Allen can help

For all diehard junkies of Breaking Bad—of which there’s many—who are craving just one more hit of the renowned TV series again: comedian Miles Allen is our savior.

Making his stand-up debut at the International Comedy Festival, Allen’s One Man Breaking Bad takes us through six seasons again, re-enacting all 60 episodes in just 60 minutes.

Allen leaves himself at the door, and acts out the entire series by emulating our most beloved characters.

Walter White soon takes center-stage, with his wife, Skylar, hanging in the wings; Hank and Marie then interject, as does the notorious Saul Goodman, Gus, Mikeand pretty much the show’s entire cast—Allen even imitates Walter Jnr, White’s son, who has cerebral palsy.

Jesse Pinkman clearly stands out as Allen’s favourite character though, as Pinkman narrates the whole show, guiding the audience through the series.

Allen’s One Man Breaking Bad began as a YouTube clip, in which Allen staged as a homeless man imitating the show’s characters for food. The video soon went viral, so Allen expanded it into a stage show, where he’s condensed all six seasons into an hour.

For those who aren’t addicts for the show *audible gasp*, and still haven’t seen it, anyone can still come along and enjoy Allen’s performance.

One caution though: Allen’s One Man Breaking Bad has the greatest ‘spoilers ahead’ warning known to man.

One Man Breaking Bad is performing until April 19th, at the Kelvin Club ballroom, Melbourne Place.
By Jack Callil


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