how do I look

you said while we waited for the bus

that spooned the bank of the Yarra which

had finally given up her muddy colour to

the sky’s heavenly onion

I didn’t mention that your teeth and lips had

taken on the rosy glow of wine wrapped ’round

curse after curse the way they always were

held me closely and complained

about cold wind over and over again

but it really wasn’t that bad at all

with the breath of you covering me

told me that the character Alma

had been named after the Spanish word

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for Soul so

she was really an extension of someone else and

that was why you liked to play her part because

you often thought your soul had

once belonged to someone else and could have

even been the bus driver’s great grandfather’s first

but it was never fully yours and

even though I thought it sounded stupid at the time

it all makes sense somehow now when I think back

on that night we stood together there

under the ancient light of dying stars

kissing softly exposed and milky skin

and everywhere the albatross the sound of footsteps and the smoke

on some side-street in the southern hemisphere—

the lonelier half of this planet


Spencer Auten

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