Your say: RMIT’s smoking ban

Your say: RMIT’s smoking ban from rmitcatalyst on Vimeo.

It’s been almost three month since the smoking ban came into effect across RMIT University campuses. And students have mixed feelings about it.

In an aim to promote a cleaner environment RMIT students can now only smoke outside of university grounds.

But some students have questioned the effectiveness of the ban.

“I haven’t seen any security or anything, I don’t know if that’s what RMIT planned,” one student who smokes said.

The University hoped students and staff would encourage smokers to move off campus, while security staff are expected to hand out information on how to quit.

Despite the removal of cigarette bins on Bowen Street on the city campus, a number of students are still smoking near building entrances, indicating the ban has not been a complete success.

One student told Catalyst, “I don’t really care about it to be honest, if they want to smoke they can.”

Another student admitted that the ban might help him quit in the future while another said smoking is a “bad habit” and the ban was good.

By Mariam Koslay


Image via Flickr user Raul Lieberwirth

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