#rmitvotes: Meet your lead candidates

This week is student elections. Around RMIT University campuses are polling booths and campaigners in colourful shirts handing out leaflets. So what’s the fuss about?

Elections enable students to vote in the people they want to represent them on the RMIT University Student Union, known as RUSU.

This year, there are three tickets running: Connect, StandUp! and RULC.

Catalyst caught up with lead candidates Himasha Fonseka (Connect) and Benjamin Solah (StandUp!) to find out what their ticket stands for, why they deserve to be in the student union and what they think the role of a student union is.

We also repeatedly extended this interview offer to Benjamin Jenkins and Nicole Abiad of RULC, but they did not respond.


Benjamin Solah (StandUp!)


Himasha Fonseka (Connect)



The polling booths shut at lunchtime on Friday.

By Allison Worrall and Alan Weedon

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