Cataclysm – Episode 13

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This episode:

We all have secrets- things we choose to hide from others, ourselves and the world. This episode Cataclysm exploring all things hidden, mysterious and elusive.

Our hosts Victoria and Brendan spend their datenight solving puzzles inside a dark escape room. Alex and Jess convince random strangers on the street to divulge their biggest secrets for Pavement Philosopher. Evan Young pinpoints the secret to festival success filing straight from Byron Bay’s Bluesfest. Jade Bate reviews a new film about the master of elusion; the infamous Banksy.

Alex joins dozens of early birds at a morning rave party at RMIT. Harriet and Brendan try to make sense of the #ReclaimAustralia protests for Politics on the Couch. Jess investigates the greasy underworld of mass bike theft in Melbourne and Alicia, Rachael and Monica bring you the cult classic novel ‘Slaughterhouse 5’ for this episode’s Book Club. Presented by Victoria Knauf, Brendan Wrigley and Rachael Dexter. (With interjections from Finbar O’Mallon and Harriet Conron)

Music by Podington Bear, Magnus Ringblom, Joel JungellAnders Bothén (via Epidemic Sound)

Episode 13 Contributing Crew: Jess Davis, Harriet Conron, Brendan Wrigley, Alexander Darling, Monica Ireland, Evan Young, Alicia Barker, Jade Bate, Finbar O’Mallon, Victoria Knauf

Executive Producers: Rachael Dexter and Ashleigh McMillan

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