Single Review: Tired Lion – ‘Not My Friends’

by Ben Madden | @benmaddentweets

Tired Lion are a band on the rise. And much like their name, if you get tired and sleep on them, the next thing you know they’ll be playing in venues bigger than you could have dreamt. Tired Lion seek to break the shackles of what constitutes Australian punk/garage rock in this current climate, and implement a formula of their own, one that grows stronger and more realised with every release. This has not been more evident than in their latest release, ‘Not My Friends’.

‘Not My Friends’ revolves around the concept of letting go of toxic influences in the lead singer, Sophie Hopes’, life. This is reflected throughout the song, with the anthemic chorus making it sound more like a victory song than a lamentation. The harmonisation on the track sounds like a band meshing together perfectly, and the song is greater than the sum of its parts.

The band recently signed to Dew Process, and it’s not hard to see why this band continues to kick goals. Their sound is reminiscent of the best parts of Australian punk in the last few years, with their breakdowns sounding simultaneously like a nod to the 90s, but not without remaining fresh and invigorated.

This is the kind of song that belongs in the live setting, and from all accounts, Tired Lion are a band that truly flourish in a live scenario. When your friends are just starting to catch on to how good this band is in the future, you’ll have already cottoned on that they are a band to watch. Check this song out. Maybe it’ll inspire you to cut the negativity from your life as well.


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