Melbourne International Comedy Festival | Nick Cody – ‘On Fire’

By Ben Madden | @benmaddentweets

It’s fair to say that Nick Cody is a comedian on fire. Coming off a big 2016, which included a breakthrough appearance on Conan in the US, he’s one of Australia’s comedians to watch.

Well known for his features on popular  Australian podcasts such as The Little Dum Dum Club and I Love Green Guide Letters, as well as his role as a host on  Something for the Drive Home with Bart Freebairn and his solo podcast, Crushin’ It, Cody already has a loyal following, and it showed, with a packed crowd in on a Saturday night.

Traversing the globe can be exciting, but there’s no place like home. Cody clearly enjoyed recounting  his past year, largely spent overseas. From stories of a recent marriage, to tales of urinating in an American elevator on Independence Day (which, really, we can all relate to), the show flows along like the aforementioned urine. Callbacks are aplenty, and the show had enough twists and turns that the punchlines never became predictable. My personal favourite joke was about people who played sports in high school, and what’s happened to them since. It’s a joy to see someone in such top form, and if Cody still played AFL as well as he performed on Saturday night, he’d be in Brownlow form (and still nicknamed Cru$her, as he was known during his high school days).

However, a disclaimer is needed  – for those who don’t enjoy controversial comedy, this may be one to stay away from. Cody is a self-professed fan of Jim Jeffries, and it shows, with a couple of jokes eliciting groans from the audience (yours truly included). But, these are few and far between, and none step over the line; rather, they toe it, with no malice intended.

If you want a show that anyone can enjoy, then this is the one for you. Cody is a comedian that claims he is ‘On Fire’, and that is not a claim without merit.  He’s put together a show that demonstrates why his 2016 was so great, and it’s one that is sure to see him go even further in 2017.

4/5 stars

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