Aladdin: The Musical Review

By Abby Alexander

“You ain’t ever had a friend like me…”

Aladdin the Musical has stolen my heart.

I went to the show expecting something, definitely. Something good, too. But never in my wildest dreams did I expect to leave the musical adaptation of a somewhat overlooked childhood deity with such a fire in my belly and smile on my face.


Aladdin the Musical is, simply put, not to be missed.


Alan Menken and his fellow Disney geniuses, along with a spectacularly talented cast of seasoned Aussie performers, have come together to give audiences an unmissable experience. Arguably better than the movie, the stage show not only allows you to suspend your disbelief, it earns it. Glittering costumes bedazzle the stage, alongside some of the most exquisite sets I have ever seen presented in a live theatre performance. And, not even once did I look to see how Aladdin and Jasmine flew around the stage on their magic carpet. It’s magic, after all.

It has jokes, a medley, and the most glorious Genie I have ever laid eyes on. More than doing the Robin William’s original characterisation of the Genie justice, Michael James Scott lifts the character to a whole new level. It’s delightful, energising and spectacular to see such a long lasting story to be adapted for a live audience- somewhere that score and story of Aladdin definitely deserves.

Ainsley Melham and Hiba Elchikhe are excellent in the roles of Aladdin and Jasmine, bringing alive a timeless love story, and perfectly capturing the essence of the story. Similarly, Michael James Scott dazzles as the genie. Abu is delightfully reimagined as three hilarious sidekicks, who add laughs aplenty to an already stellar show. This show is a 5/5, and a must see for all.

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