Stand Atlantic – ‘Coffee at Midnight’

By Anthony Furci | @AnthonyRFurci

‘Coffee at Midnight’ is the debut single from Australia’s latest pop-punk three piece, Stand Atlantic, who formed in 2015 after meeting in high school. It’s our first taste from their upcoming EP, Sidewinder, set for release on September 15.

Above a jagged, crunchy guitar lead, a sharp bassline and throttling drums, Bonnie Fraser’s vocals strain over the imminent breakdown of an unhealthy relationship. The band strike a great balance between drums, guitar, and bass in the mix, as drummer Jonno Panichi takes centre stage during the verses while guitarist Bonnie and bassist David Potter dominate the bridges and choruses.

Bonnie’s conflicted. While she wants to work things out “over coffee at midnight,” she also asserts that “if you’re no damn good for my mental health/There’s no use in hanging around.”

By the end of the track, she doesn’t necessarily come to a conclusion – but she does decide that she’s “not just gonna sit and wait” for the relationship’s problems to sort themselves out.

After my first listen, I couldn’t get the chorus out of my head. I felt utterly compelled to write my thoughts after hearing it, so I guess you could say I’m looking forward to their EP.

Can’t say I’ve ever drank coffee at midnight. Sounds very promising, though.

For fans of: Paramore, Trophy Eyes, Eat Your Heart Out, Set the Score.


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