EP Review: Stand Atlantic – Sidewinder

By Stephen Smit | @StephenSmit92
Image Credit: Rude Records

Sydney pop-punk three piece Stand Atlantic are making big waves in the Australian music scene. It’s been a meteoric rise for a band that only formed two years ago by high school friends Bonnie Fraser, David Potter and Jonno Panichi. In this short space of time they’ve released demo EP A Place Apart, and recently supported pop-punk royalty New Found Glory on their Australian tour. Now, they’re set to release their highly anticipated EP Sidewinder via Rude Records on September 15th.

The title track kicks off the EP – it’s a punchy, anthemic tune which displays the band’s ability to shift between loud choruses and restrained verses with ease. Here, listeners learn this EP is not going to be an all-out attack of guns-blazing pop-punk, but a more considered and restrained journey through the hardships of relationships. Bonnie Fraser’s ability to passionately express the meaning behind an abundance of profound and hard-hitting lyrics is a highlight of the record. If there’s one thing Stand Atlantic thrive on, it’s writing upbeat, dynamic tunes.

Ripping the through the middle of the EP is ‘Push’. It explodes into action without preamble through overdriven guitars and raucous, energetic abandon. It’s a real catchy singalong that’s sure to become a fan favourite. Next up is the highlight of the EP, ‘Coffee At Midnight’, which serves as an example of Stand Atlantic’s undeniable honesty. The anthem brandishes a polished, classic pop-punk melody, with an addictive chorus that’s almost impossible to resist singing along to. It’s a true measure of how much the band has grown over the past two years, and gives an insight into where they may go sonically in the near future.

Rounding out the EP is the track ‘Chemicals’. It’s set to a heart pounding beat, and it showcases some of the tightest musicianship on the record – the instrumentation works in perfect harmony with Fraser’s fierce, heartfelt vocals. In a similar way to the relationships these songs were written about, Sidewinder snakes its way through the highs and lows. It’s all delivered with the passion and sincerity of someone expressing themselves from a deeply personal place.

For a genre as sonically well-traversed as pop-punk, Stand Atlantic have remarkably succeeded in keeping this EP fresh. They’ve delivered a perfect balance between rock and pop sounds, all while adding a newfound sense of maturity, depth and diversity to their songwriting.



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