Visual Content Guide: Issue 5 TENSE

Issue 5 marks the final issue of Catalyst for 2018! We’re getting reflective and thinking ‘bout the past, the present and the future. It’s also heading to the pointy end of the semester/year and people are feeling pretty tense. Use all this for your ideas!

This issue will be photography-based. Send your photography, or an explanation of the piece you intend to create, through the Google form or to [email protected] to be featured in the magazine.

Below are prompts for visuals to match written articles:

  • Nostalgia
  • Political relationship between Aus and the US
  • Relationships/advice column
  • Grammar and language
  • Injuries
  • Crystals
  • Spirituality
  • Money/capitalism
  • Mental health, depression
  • Doctors/medical appointments
  • Future technologies

Stand-alone visuals or a series that fits with the theme is also more than welcome! Have a look at the following ideas and create if you’re inspired:


Student uni life |

Not coping in exam conditions | Global intensives (study tours) | Changing | Growing older | The ‘old’ me | Turning over a new leaf – can people really change? | False pretenses | What happens if you lie on your resume? |

Past, present and future | Nostalgia | Flashbacks – good or bad, how they can impact someone’s life | Rose tinted glasses | Sexual tension – is it measurable? | Relationships – dealing with different opinions on big issues in your friendships or relationships | Intense – good or bad? | Living in the moment | Forgetting the past | Planning for the future | Sources of tension |

Issues |

Tension | Applying a force | Political tension | Social tension | False pretenses | Fraud | Lying to get ahead | What will the world look like in 20, 30, 50 years? |

Science, tech & health |

Future developments in science | Tense muscles | Bodybuilding | Exercise | Strain | Injuries and recovery | Stress and mental tension | Time travel | Hypertension | Ways to relieve tension | Anxiety | Time periods | People feeling like they were born in the wrong decade | Living forever – would it be a good thing? | How to measure intensity | Earthquakes | Tensegrity |

It’s all in the word |

Intense | Pretense | Hyperintense | Grammar | Simple, continuous, perfect, perfect continuous


SUBMIT BY: Friday 14 September


  • CMYK, 300 DPI, highest quality possible
  • PSD/AI files preferred – otherwise TIFF and PNG
  • Provide a title and naming convention to credit – Name, title, year. Courtesy of … (if applicable).

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